Earth Quake .

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The first effect of earth quake are those caused by  the earthquake shock itself .  These can be terrible . 

building collapes . People are killed in home  ,  places of work  and vehicles .   Many more injures  and 

loss of family , house , wealth and food .   Only few are rescued .  



The second effect can be just a bad  and sometime worst . These effect happens in the  minutes , hours or days or just after the main earthquake . 

                    Aftershocks : These are usually less strong then the main earthquake   .  But buildings are already 

destroyed  by the earthquake . 



      Fires : These are caused by sparks  from damaged electricity  cables . Fires also cause many damage . 


      Sea Waves : The great sea waves caused by earthquake on sea surface .  Who can forget  the great 

Asian  sea waves in December 2004 . 



             Spread of disease : For example , typhoid and many more are caused by burst water pipes 

and combination from sewage , which means that is not safe or clean water for drinking .

 These add the damage to life of people .  and many more .  and other factors are hard to find . 



Population Damage : The more people live in a place , island , house , office , the more would be the damage of loss of live of people . 


Building quality :  All new buildings are required to be earthquake resistant  .  Old houses cause more damage 

from earthquake because the fall more as compare to new and earthquake resistant . 




South Asia : South Asia lies in the center  of the most earthquake prone part  of the world  .  South Asia is a country that is damaged most by earthquake  . The most earthquake founded in the world were in South Asia .



 Earthquake predication : The short answer to this question is NO . Earthquake can"t  be predicated .  Although 

the earthquake zones are well known  , no one has idea when and where would earthquake strike . 


People living in know earthquake zones need to be well educated about what to do in earthquake .  The

best advice is to get out of house and move towards open space or hide under tables or bed while earthquake .

Hiding under hard things is likely to be the best  protection from falling objects . 

 Team of emergence workers need to be trained in advance to save life of people and rescue trapped people . 


Emergency supply food , water , medicines need to be stored . 

Why many people still die in earthquake :  

                                             All methods of prevention cause money . Poor countries can"t afford earthquake resistant 

buildings , even if the building regulation exist they often ignore it . 


Types of building material and it"s chance of damage : 

Mud and hand made bricks :  100 % chance of damage to the building  . 

brick : 33 % chance of damage to the building . 

Build with steel frames : 20 % chance of damage to the building 


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