EarthQuake 2005

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Earthquake 2005.

                       Earthquake means any tremor or shaking of the ground. Some of them are so gentle as to pass away without any recognition; some are giving some Kind of alarm to the people, while some spread an enormous destruction.

Destruction earthquake are usually confined to limited regions.

                      In most of the cases each shock of the earthquake lasted for few second but the trembling lasted for few weeks or few months. It is noticed that most of earthquakes occurred in mountainous regions, and many of them are no doubt due to volcanic action. Some time these originate in the sea. Some earthquakes may be due to the collapse of hollows beneath the ground, which occurs because of the movement of the plates under the surface of earth and brought too much destruction.

                    The above last mentioned kind of the earthquake brought destruction in the northern areas of Pakistan in 2005. This was really one of the biggest calamities, which the earth has witnessed. The whole city of Balkot came under the ground. After few second of this destruction no one could say that there was a city where people werebuying, selling, tradingfarming, laughing, in short every where  there was a hustle and bustle in the wretch city.

                   A nation person who remained alive there cannot recognize that where his house was because the earth shifted from its real position. The witnesses of this earthquake are still in abnormal condition because they have seen the destruction of their race above the imagination of the human beings. To describe this earthquake in few sentences is not sufficient. There are the tears and blood of our brothers and sisters in this essay. A common man who has a human heart in his body can easily read the faces of every wretch person who became the victim of this calamity.Every person will tell you a different story of wove and crying.

Every person is more miserable than the others.

  It will be unfair if I neglect the great services of the Pakistani nation in this essay. Pakistani people once again reminded their name is history, for their help and sympathy for their brothers when they call them in time of distress. They reminded the world the sacrifices of the Ansari-Madina. They not only gave them food, medicine, and shelter but also millions of the people reach there themselves to help their brothers and sisters from all over the country. The world wonder on their sacrifices and hospitality.


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