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as i mention Earliar many Symtoms of the earthquake here only i will Disscuss that how many time the earthquake in Pakistan came and how this serious situation was Handeled by the government of the Pakistan every difficult situation in Pakistan came our army defend it very much better


there were many time the earthquake was in Pakistan but i can only Disscuss the earthquake of the 2005 in the month of October it was 8 Oct and as a Islamic calender it was the month of Ramzan at morning 8 o'clock there was the earthquake whose Centre was the Kashmir
there was lot of damaging in the Kashmir and many others places as a Muslim it is our believe that or from the verses of the holy quran it is clear in the quran it is said that when Zinnah was common in the society then earthquake and many other difficult situation will be upon a muslim


   As a Muslim we should always away from bad habits like drinks, zinnah and many other thing if we are far away from these thing then Allah will prevent us from difficult situations.

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