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Hi guys!

In this blog I would like to share with you some very useful tips for cleaning. Those tips will save you a lot of time. This is a list of my favorite household tips, please tell me do you like some of them. If you have some other good tip, that is not on my list, please write it in the comments below. I am sure it is going to help someone. 

Now, we can start.

This is going to be one very, very long list.


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Make an all-purpose cleaner

We are cleaning many things in our house, because of that we need many cleaners. Most of them are expensive, and they usually contain a lot of very dangerous chemicals.  Instead of those cleaners, use natural all-purpose cleaner. You can make it in your home, it is very cheap and it is safe for you and your family.

For this cleaner you will need:

  • 4 tablespoons of baking soda 
  • one quart of warm water

Of course, you can make much more. No matter how much you are making, put 4 parts of baking soda and one part of water.  Mix it well. 

With this you can clean your kitchen (counters, sink, inside of the refrigerator), your bathroom (tube, shower, counters).

I have tried this one, and I can say that it is perfect. This cleaner can clean everything. 

Solve smelly sneakers 

There are many ways to solve your problem with smelly sneakers. I will share with you a couple of them. 

  • Put a bit of baking soda in each sneaker
  • Peel of a lemon and put a piece of it in each sneaker
  • Put a tea bag in each sneaker
  • Baby powder will also solve the problem

There are many other ways to solve problem with smelly sneakers, those are my favorite. I have tried all of them, and they are working perfectly. 

Taking drawings off walls

Many children are drawing things on the walls. Those can really be terrible, and many times it seem to us that we need to paint our walls. We do not need, we can easily take those off. I will share with you a couple ways to get rid of those drawings. 

First, if they are made with crayons you can easy take them of with a hairdryer. Just heat drawings, and then wipe them off the wall. 

Second way if to take them off with a sponge sprinkled in baking soda. 

Third way to take those off is to take some gentle sand paper, and to scrape them off your walls. 

Use a wet rubber glove to remove pet hair from your furniture

If you have a pet, you know what I am talking about. Hair is everywhere, sometimes it is really annoying to clean it. For cleaning pet hair from your rugs and furniture you can use rubber gloves. Wet rubber glove will take all the hair off your sofas. I am pretty sure that all of us have at least one pair of those gloves. 

Use a flip flop to remove pet hair

Okay, this one you can not use for your furniture, but it is perfect for your rugs. You can easily remove pet hair with your flip flops. This is great because you can do it while you are walking trough your house, so you will not be wasting time on cleaning. 

Reuse your old sponges

If you have many old sponges, you can reuse them, just put a few drops of your dish soap in a cup of water, after that put your sponges in it. Put a cup in microwave oven. After you get it back, just rinse your sponges, and you will see that they are clean.

I am personally doing this with my sponges very often, even before they are old. There are too many bacteria in sponges, we need to 'kill' all of them. 

*You can also clan your beauty blenders on a same way, just use some shampoo or liquid soap instead of dish soap, but never try this with your make up brushes. They can melt if you put them in oven.*

Use baby oil to clean stainless steel

If you have some jewelry made out of stainless steel, you can clean it by using baby oil. When you touch stainless steel, there will appear fingerprints on it. Just take a small piece of cotton wool, put a few drops of baby oil on it, and clean your steel.

There are some other metals that you can clean with baby oil.

Use old toothbrush to clean your bathroom

Toothbrush is very small, and you can clean many things with it. For example, they are great to clean your tiles. Also some things on your sink can be cleaned with those small brushes. They are working same job as big brushes for cleaning, just they are smaller and they can get anywhere.

Well, this with toothbrushes is not a tip, I am pretty sure that all of you are using them for cleaning many things in the house. 

Clean white trainers with your toothpaste 

If your white sneakers are dirty, you can easily clean them with toothpaste. Just put a bit of paste on them and scrub stains.

For this one you can use toothbrush. Or even your fingers.

*Toothpaste can clean many other things, for example some stains on your windows or picture frames.*

*You can also clean your silver jewelry with toothpaste. For this one you can use your toothbrushes, just put a bit of paste on brush, and brush your jewelry.*

Clean your chopping board with piece of lemon

Your chopping board is very dirty, even if you are washing it every day. You can clean it with a piece of lemon. It is going to kill all the bacteria, and it will make your chopping board smell very nice. 

*Lemon is killing bacteria, and it is much better than cleaners you can buy in stores. First it costs much less, second, it is natural, so it is totally safe for you and your family. You can use lemon to clean many things.*

Use tomato ketchup to shine your copper pans

If you have some copper pans, that are not shiny anymore, do not worry, just take some towel and put a tomato ketchup on it. Gently wipe your pans with it, you will see your pans are going to shine again. 

*You can clean your copper pans with a paste made out of vinegar and baking soda, or lemon and baking soda, that will help you too.*

Clean your toilet with vodka

If you pour vodka in your toilet that will clean it very well. This is also going to help you if your toilet is stuffy.  So, when you pour vodka in your toilet you are doing two good things at the same time. 


That was everything for this blog post. I hope that you found some of those tips useful, and that you will be using them in the future. I have tried almost all of them, and they are all great.

Please tell me if you like some of those tips. 

Thank you for reading this!

Love you all!



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