Easy earn 0.001 BTC/ days.

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Hello everyone. Today, i introduce to you a new website easy earnd BTC.

Link: http://tf.org/?ref=vJYk1eFuUI

Note: Sign up with your Socialnetwork Account (Twitter, FB, Steam...) will receive  bonus 0.0029 mBTC.

you can earn BTC by any methods:

1. View ads: with ~ 50 ads/day and average 0.0075 mBTC/ads.

2. View videos: with 10 video and average 0.001mBTC/ 180s video

3. Doing task

4. Get free BTc lottery hourly.

5. Buy referral (with option price)



1. Pay to your wallet (min pay 1mBTC=0.001BTC)

2. Pay to WMR, WMZ, PP, PM...(min pay 10mBTC=0.01BTC)

my proof after 1 day:

Have a nice day :)

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