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Bitlanders is in fact awesome social site for earning money easily .
i am mentioning  all step for those people who don't know approximately Bitlanders site.

Easy enhancement  step for making buzz points and earning easily .
1. Subcribe people
2. broadcast people to subcribe support
3. upload a photo in fable to galary
4. upload video going in relation to for movie share ( you'll profit 4 satoshi)
5. write your Blog Post ( you'll profit 4 satoshi)
6. write your micro blog extra

Daily Quests Step for making buzz ponts and earning easily.
espouse your daily quests. and your daily quest is
1. daily watch 5 video ( you'll lead 3 buzz points )
2. daily door 5 blogs herald ( you'll gain 3 buzz points )
3. invite your 1 pal through your ref. associate ( you'll buy 3 buzz points )
4. share a video upon facebook ( you'll get your hands on 1 buzz narrowing)

if you follows all steps subsequently you will tallying your buzz points and  earn child support easily ..

and Subscribe me first http://www.bitlanders.com/Sandy007

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