Eating a Guava Fruit

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The first time that I came to know about Guava fruits was when I was at the age of 15. Before that time, I have no idea about guavas or anything about it. In fact, I don't even know that such fruit exist on this world.

Guava fruit is actually a tropical type of fruit. So if you are not from the tropical regions then there are chances that you don't know anything about it.

There are many different types of guavas though. Some have pale green color while others have yellow color. Actually, most guava fruit are colored green. As they get ripen, they turn into yellow.

How to Eat a Guava Fruit?

I'll teach you the most basic method on how to eat a guava fruit. My childhood friends were the once who taught me how so I really thank them for it.

First Step: Choose the Right Guava Fruit to Eat

It is important for you to choose the guava that is on its perfectly ripe condition. The color of the fruit's skin must be light-yellow. If you choose a green, there are chances that it is still unripe which can be hard for you to chew. On the opposite, choosing hard-yellow or orange-yellow color is also not a good idea. This means that the fruit is almost about to get rotten.

Second Step: Wash your Guava Fruits

You will be needing a bowl. Place a water on it and put some salt. Mix it very well until the salt get dissolves. Now, place your guava fruits into the bowl making sure that every one of them gets submerged. The salt actually helps in getting rid of any possible bacteria on the fruits. So you have to offer your guava fruits for about 15 minutes.

After waiting for 15 minutes, wash your guava fruits again with a clean running water.

Third Step: Clean the Bruised Areas

Inspect each part of your guava fruit for any bruised areas. If you found any of them, you should use a knife and carve it off from the fruit. Other than the bruised areas, I also suggest that you should also remove the "Stamen Claster" or "Persistent Calyx" which is the dark spot on top of the fruit. You should also do the same at the bottom.

Fourth Step:  Slice the Fruit into Quadrants

This slicing part of the fruit actually depends on how you would like to serve it. But for me, it is best done by slicing them into quadrants.

Final Step (Optional): Added Ingredients

To make the guava fruit taste a lot much even better, I actually love adding additional ingredients such as salt, vinegar and hot chili peppers.

Once you have finally prepared your guava fruit, your are now ready to eat them. You can use a fork in picking up the fruit or your fingers provided that you washed them clean. Every part of the guava fruit that you prepared is actually edible including the seeds. You don't have to chew the seeds, just swallow them directly.

Enjoy eating your guava fruit!

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