Eating Organic on a Tight Budget

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As what I have been mentioning from my previous blogs about eating clean and going for the organic foods to chew; well, I am here again sermoning you all about the way you eat and the right way in getting a healthy and well-fit body. I may sound annoying to you guys but I am honestly doing this to annoy you purposely and that until you will try what I keep on talking about.


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So, what is the meaning of the word ‘’Organic’’?

As What the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) noted:


Organic food is the product of a farming system which avoids the use of man-made fertilizers, pesticides; growth regulators and livestock feed additives. Irradiation and the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or products produced from or by GMOs are generally prohibited by organic legislation.


Organic agriculture is a systems approach to production that is working towards environmentally, socially and economically sustainable production. Instead, the agricultural systems rely on crop rotation, animal and plant manures, some hand weeding and biological pest control’.

Source: Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)


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Health Benefits of Eating Organic


1. Piddling Pesticides to No Pesticides

Harmful substances in the form of fungicides, herbicides or any insecticide liquids are being commonly used in the on-the-go agricultural field.

2.    Increases Omega-3 Intake

Organic meat, milk, and other vegetables can nearly produce 40-50% omega-3 fatty acid; these omega-3 fatty acids are those type of unsaturated safe fat or what we call health fat. And that influencing eater in eating organic livestock who consumed grass instead of feeds and vegetables free from chemicals may contribute to the reduction of incidence of cardiac diseases.

3.    Absence of Synthetic Hormones

Are you not wondering why those chicken thighs on your favorite fast food are way too big than normal size? Mostly raised animals in some poultry are being injected with synthetic hormones that can promote chicken size growth so they will look big and much delicious. And that meat injected with those growth hormones can also contribute to increased risk of getting cancer, nevertheless, organic meats are free from those harmful hormones as well.


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4.    Presence of Antioxidants

Organic foods contain antioxidants compared with conventionally grown foods, organic plant-based foods may pack 20 to 40 percent more antioxidants and around 48 percent less cadmium, a cancer-causing metal. 

Source:  The study appeared June 26 in the British Journal of Nutrition. 


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Ways of Eating Organic on a Budgeted Wallet



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Being a parent, you want to go beyond cleaning and keeping the whole family free from germs and as far love will extend parents what to offer the very best for the family which includes keeping the food as healthy as possible; nevertheless, those green choices can greatly make a hole inside our wallet. But contrary to those financial complaints; foods that are not organic that which mainly contains harmful substances that causes cancers and other immune system killer; and if in case you didn’t know that pesticides can promote an awful neurological issues, diarrhea which may, later on, lead to some stomach problems, skin problems, birth concerns and other respiratory related illnesses. And in the consequence to that bigger expense comes in through needed medicine to buy, clinical check-up or maybe hospital confinement finances. So why risk our family getting sick just to save for their possible health illnesses expenses.


So, it is just these two courses to choose


Pay for hospice care or pay and help the farmers.



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1.    Grow your own fresh food vault.

In this topic, I really did grow my privately own and easy to access vegetable and fruits section just like those in the supermarket. For more ideas about growing your own organic home garden, you check my blog,



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2.    Less meat, More vegetables

We all know that meats are obviously high-end tickets, and in that matter, we can make some portions to cut through and substitute those vegetables in the meal plan. In this way we can also make sure gaining weight is its healthy target. 


3.    Do not overbuy

With regards to this, planning is the most helpful thing to consider; because when doing a grocery we must make sure to buy only the ingredients related to your time frame target. And if you are fond in listing down the recipes you need for the whole week well that is much better!


4.    Bulk buying

If I have mentioned earlier to ‘do not overbuy’ so then you don’t have to confuse yourselves! Because the two still coincides. Bulk buying is buying the ‘longer lifespan recipes’ in a whole bunch, bigger volume quantity in food packaging is much cheaper than sachets or small containers. But remember to buy only those you can refrigerate for a long time.


5.    Tropical and Seasonal

As you can notice when you are looking for sweet mangoes on the months that they are not abundant you can buy a kilo of it for almost $5 instead of buying them on their usual price during peak season. That is why seasonal tropical fruits are cheaper on their months of abundance.


6.    Be a Resourceful Cook

Because we are talking here about budgeting so does being resourceful is in much essential too. As for me, I love cooking ‘chopsuey’ using meat leftovers or the fried fish from the morning, I will gently slit over the fish meat and discard the thin sharp bones and I will use the fish meat ripped appropriately as my meat in my ‘chopsuey’. And one thing also, meat fish has high contents of omega-3 fatty acids so it is a much healthier recipe for ‘chopsuey’ or any vegetable recipes.


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7.    Help the Farmers

In this matter, I am encouraging everyone to buy vegetables and fruits to our beloved and hardworking farmers because they are selling their goods to feed their family and not just merely to get rich by posting high prices to their vegetables and fruits. And in supermarkets, their vegetables and fruits were being exported miles away and we don’t know when the last time it was harvested was or maybe they just used some ripening enhancing chemicals, contrary to the fresh harvest vegetables and fruits by our farmer. Moreover, we are helping them by buying to them.


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Sticking Points

It may be hard putting all of these together and I also consider some factors why others can’t make it to the lifestyle of getting healthy and eating organic because they are too busy and some cannot easily access the things I have mentioned above. Nevertheless, I hope I did give some extra points for you guys to consider and some reasonable reasons to ponder in regards to eating clean and eating the organic way.



And that’s all for now, until my next blog


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