Echague's Dendelot

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The photo above is delicacy that is native and probably originated in my hometown Echague, Isabela. Some part of the the northern provinces may have already gotten their own version of this mouthwatering food though.

It is made of glutinous rice flour topped with thick coconut milk-mixed caramel sauce.

In our town back in Echague, it is a tradition of the locals (the Ilocanos and Yogads) to make this delicacy on a specific holiday. What I love most is their way of making this kind of food memorable. Each house would make their own dendelots and would give them to nearby neighbors even though they had already made their own dendelots. So the real essence of this food is the act of sharing and giving to one another. The stickiness and sweetness of the food resembles the strong bond within them.

The reason why I love Filipino cultures and the life in provinces!


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