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She has to admit to assumptions and gettin behind on the fad. From the computer itself - not from some outside (trailin off) Pentecostal - I wish it on a personal matter. She's twirlin gold-leaf string, she a playa, she has a new bag for smoky atmosphere.

Oh my gosh, you like... the painting's just there, just falls into the background, and you can kind of see... I can still smell it.

Then: techniques: a heavy cream over a darkness that is manipulated. We get into this as minimalists. 'Wow. You totally missed the mark. You little bitch.' No one is thinking comfort. Get in for points, store, a message of love: 'Jesus, I'm happy despite security break.'

'Oh for the love of God... I think my mood swings are back.'

'They just Kruger. They just thoughts.'

(she said control)

With a sigh: 'Sometimes they make me feel.'

'That's good. Feeling is good. It's better than bein in search of.'

'You say it at the same time?'

'You bet, honey buns.'

'Angry? Sad? Happy sometimes?'

'... numb is better most days, granted.'


And his hands are up, no weapon. Get this sense of kindergarten. 


... and he keeps inkling to his car, my hearts and dues: I was comfortable in listening, you can imagine that, and OKAY I'm tappin cos you gave me a pitch. Unemployed actor balloons {voodoo power} in a dark task, I like escalators, I don't think this lady person knows how to read. She complains for her presence isn't represented.

Have to assume it's an edible mask. Distressed Savros in unison, hip hip hooray! Gentlest cut and as an actin group, there's at least two chances tonight to be out of ourselves and inflict with rules of clarity. Actress in the backseat is not a far lonely stretch, gentlest of glass-wearers, and when we think we've found regret: the smell.

Cuban perfume is around and we see the cost has gone up, way up, friends having weathered abuse reports which is a black mark even if only in witness shoes. He's a king and instructs on viewership, i.e. a fat kid with a rattlesnack


with most of our collected love goin to emphysema fighter pilot. Attention lost when we get in the car.


Attention focused and most of my face is covered, a tiger component. Nobody wants to play fair, nobody gets into the full scope, nobody digs sinister acceleration. Regent's house is crack, I'd be pleased to hear the voice, there isn't enough suffering. When seeing all this smoke...

Model latency, overwhelming, snow face is hanging... I live with it... mew bite, to never leave the foyer, to get to toy, to be a little heavy on the nose: a real need bein travel, there's no mad distinction, likeness...         

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