Economic system of Islam

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Religion Islam is nature. Islam gives us complete way of life. It guides us in every field of life. Islam solves us in every field of life. Islam solves our problems of economical and social life. Economic system of Islam is best in all the world. This system is based on the holy Quran. This system teaches us sympathy, bother-hood, sacrifice and justice.

Allah gives us many resources like earth, forest, quadruped, rivers, mountain and ocean. It is the way of earning. The allocation of resource are totally based on teaching of Islam. Islam also gives the right of ownership. Allah is the owner of everything. Islam also gives the right of ownership to everyone.

Islam teaches us always earn from right way. Islam teaches us how to produce wealth. It also teaches us consumption of wealth. According to Islam, always leads a simple life. Islam discourage the accumulation of wealth .Islam based on equality. 

Islam always provides us interest free banning system. Zakat is major resource of environment revenue. It is the responsibility of that advise the public to follow the rules of Islam.

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