Economy’s Trade in Central Asia (Afghanistan)

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It’s been a unique way of thinking in which presenting human behavior in the world of different Resources and cultures. Economy plays an important role in every human being’s life and is worth of thinking over and over in different situations of life. Economy is not totally the study of money almost in every field of human behavior.



Choices in valves tradeoffs economic decision are more or less not or no choices. People gain from voluntary trade, trade creates when two people trade something they give up good one action can create many unintended consequences. Incentive drive choice…



Afghanistan’s economy has been improved after the fall of the Taliban regime, and has been considered a dead full investing country in the region. The people have been involved in building and constructing buildings and areas.

Besides these improvements, Afghanistan has been the focal point international investors in recent years, and the economy community has now international relationships with other   international communities around the world.


By: Anoosh barakzai

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his name is Anoosh barakzai he is 23 years old. he was born in nimrooz Province. he Graduate from school in 2010 he is working in film annex.

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