Eddie Kingston is my Huckleberry: A very twisted fan fiction (Part 1)

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Note: This fan fiction has some cursing, slang words that I got off the internet, sexual stuff, and racial stuff. I am not going to offend most of you, but, if so, please tell me through a message that you see a button on my profile. Thank You!

Prelude: It was just another independent pro wrestling show and yours truly had a very unusual feeling for a man who has demons and most of all, hate his trainer for using me. Let's the first part of the story, begins!

It just happened so soon. He was just there. I was suppose to not to talk to him at all. But, I was forced to talk to him. I was pushed to him and got bumped. "Hey! Watch where you going!" he said. "I'm sorry about that...Eddie Kingston!" I said. He turn around. It was Eddie Kingston. "Ah, you chica, Lindsie Starr. I did not see you here" said Eddie. "It's okay. I got pushed" I said. "Yeah, and I see that guy" said Eddie. I watch Eddie Kingston go after the guy. "Hey dude! You need to apologize to her!" shouted Eddie. "Who?" ask the guy. "Her! Señorita Lindsie Starr!" said Eddie. "No way!" said the guy. Eddie grab him. "Apologize now!" said Eddie. "I'm sorry Lindsie!" said the guy. "It's okay" I said. Eddie let go of him. I look at him. "You always do this?" I ask. "When someone like you being so rudely treated, I have to" said Eddie. I start to look at him. Then I walk away. Sure enough, Eddie Kingston went after me. "Lindsie, where are you going?" ask Eddie. "I can't be talking to you. I was warned by some of the guys, since I was trying to look for someone" I said. "Wait, who told you?" ask Eddie. "Adam Cole, Matt and Nick Jackson, and Kevin Steen" I said. "Those four? I am going to kill them!" said Eddie. I got mad. "What?" ask Eddie. "Nothing" I said. I continue to walk away. Eddie catch up to me and he pull me from the hallway to his chest. "What the heck?" I ask. "Look!" said Eddie. Eddie point at the match between Homicide and AJ Styles in a street fight match. AJ was going to use a steel chair on Homicide when Homicide pushed AJ to the wall. Suddenly AJ push Homicide to us. Eddie push me and he push Homicide out of the way. AJ then attack Eddie and knock him out! "Stay out of this match!" shouted AJ Styles. Eddie was out cold. AJ focus on Homicide. I check on Eddie. "Hey! Eddie Kingston! Are you okay? Someone help me!" I shouted. Eddie regain consciousness. "What the heck? Where is AJ?" ask Eddie. "He's battling against Homicide!" I said. "Are you okay? Did he harm you?" ask Eddie. I shake my head no.


Eddie started to walk as help was arrived. He was so stubborn. I could see that in him. But, when he saw me, he had no other choice. After he was check out, Eddie grab me and then he stares at me. "Hey, Eddie, what's going on?" I ask. He then kiss me on the lips. I was in shock. I then slap him in the face. "I know you love that Lindsie" said Eddie. "Fuck you Kingston" I said. Sure enough, he was right. Then I came at him and kiss him back and then I slap him again. He knew that I wanted someone to be there. "Lindsie, I would treat you as much as would any guy, especially those snowflakes that you used to idolize" said Eddie. "You knew what happen" I said. "Yeah, especially that Tim Donst who promise you to be with you, but use you to get back at Chris Hero" said Eddie. "I don't know. I mean I used to care, but, it just hit me so hard" I said. "Let me worry about them, my bonita señorita" said Eddie as he would kiss my hand. I don't know how this would happen, but, trusting Eddie Kingston felt it was a mistake. As I was about to head on out, I see Chris Hero approaching me, he was going to say something to me, but, Eddie Kingston came out of no where. "Hero! What are you doing to my bonita?"ask Eddie. "Your bonita? I was going to see if Lindsie is okay" said Chris. "Get away from her you snowflake!" said Eddie. Sure enough the two stare down and the two fight and suddenly Tim Donst join the fight. I was shock. Three guys were fighting over me? This would be nuts to have a match. "Hey guys!" I said. The three were brawling. "Hey!" I said. They were still going at it. "HEY YOU GUYS! THAT'S ENOUGH! YOU NEED TO STOP BEFORE I END UP WITH AUSTIN ARIES!" I screamed. They stop fighting. "What the heck are you saying?" ask Chris. "Apparently, I was so upset of what's going on, but, if the three of you quit fighting, I'm turning over to Austin Aries!" I said. "What does he have to do with us?" ask Eddie. "Uh, shall I spell it out for you? Aries has been trying to court me on twitter, but he got busted by Thea Trinidad! So, unless one of you care for me enough more, I will go to him!" I said.


Sure enough all three men understood. "So, I am going back to my hotel! GOOD NIGHT!" I said. I walk away. I got to my hotel room and just started to relax. Suddenly I hear a knock at my door. I open it. It was Eddie Kingston. "What do you want?" I ask. "I wanted to see if you got to your hotel room safe" said Eddie. "I'm fine Eddie. Do I have to tell you every time? You are acting like Samuel Shaw if you act this way" I said. "I'm sorry" said Eddie. "It's okay. I am very restless" I said. "Why?" ask Eddie. "I was suppose to be laid by one of the two morons, but, they end up fighting against each other" I said. "Wait? You wanted to do it?" ask Eddie. "Yeah, but, those two broke a promise" I said. "What was that?" ask Eddie. "They were not suppose to fight each other since their last encounter. But, they end up doing so" I said. "So, let me get this straight, you want to have sex?" ask Eddie. "Yes, or how it would be said in slang, chingar" I said. Eddie smiled. Sure enough, he kiss me and we just go at it.


We kiss and took off our clothes. I take off his tee and jeans. He takes my shirt off and then my skirt. I took off his boxers. He took off my bra and my underwear. I looked at him and he looked at me. He sat down. I took his hands and let him feel my breast. He ended up knowing that they are real. He got me on the bed and got on top of me. He just went at it. I scream so loud, Eddie was so confused about it. "Why are you screaming?" ask Eddie. "You don't know that you are hurting me?" I ask. "Well what should I do?" ask Eddie. "Just kiss me!" I said. Sure enough, he did. I can feel it and I know something is wrong. So, the kisses kept going until I felt something and sure enough, it was over after we both scream. "That was good!" I said. "Good?" ask Eddie. "Fine, it was sweet!" I said. "Good!" said Eddie. I get up. "Lindsie, what's wrong?" ask Eddie. "I hear something" I said. "I don't hear it. Can we go to sleep?" ask Eddie. "Fine. It was maybe nothing" I said. It was nothing my ass. Someone could hear us. But, for now, I lay down next to Eddie Kingston and just look at him.


"What's wrong?" ask Eddie. "Oh nothing" I said. "Nothing?" ask Eddie. "Okay, I will tell you. Austin Aries swears that he would find me and he would take me away from all this craziness" I said. "Didn't you say something about him?" ask Eddie. "Well, you know that I really hate him. After all, he's like CM Punk, can't keep a girl and make her happy" I said. "Geez, why all these snowflakes takes advantage at you?" ask Eddie. "They believe that they can treat a woman with nice, before they treat a woman very bad. Just like my father would to my mother and me" I said. "Well, I won't do that to a lovely señorita" said Eddie. "Thank you" I said. I started to fall asleep, but woke my eyes a little when Eddie had his arm around me.


I started to have a nightmare. What happen that Tim Donst had a gun to my head. He ask me, "Why are you with him?" "Who?" I ask. "Eddie Kingston!" shouted Tim. "You use me to get to Chris!" I said. Sure enough, he point the gun on his right and take a shot. Suddenly, I look to my left and see who he shot. It was Eddie Kingston. I scream so loud. Eddie was bleeding. Tim kiss me and he push me away. I ran to Eddie. "Hold on!" I said. "Lindsie, my bonita, please carry on! Tell Chris, I am sorry!" said Eddie. With that last breath, he wanted to say sorry. I cried holding his body. Suddenly I hear Eddie's voice. I awoke. "Lindsie, it's 3 in the morning! What happen?" ask Eddie. I told him. "What? That snowflake tries to murder me?" ask Eddie. I nodded. Eddie got livid. I look the other direction so Eddie don't see me crying. "Lindsie?" ask Eddie. "What?" I ask. "Are you okay?" ask Eddie. "No. I am not" I said as tears streaming my face. Eddie turn my head and he sees me crying. He then hug me. He then kiss my forehead. "I am not going to let Tim to kill me" said Eddie. I start to believe him. So, we went back to sleep.


This time I had a dream. In it, I was in the hospital and I see Eddie freaking out and he was about to smoke, when all of a sudden, I scream! The doctor knows that I was in contractions and I had to go in labor. Eddie was scared. "Damn it Eddie, grab my hand!" I scream. He did. I squeeze it so hard, Eddie fake the pain of my hand. Sure enough, I gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. We name our son, Juan Edward and our daughter, Lauren Maria. Eddie was proud that his kids have the same bloodline as he does. Sure enough, that's when I woke up. It was morning. I see that Eddie was still asleep. I look at him. Suddenly I hear a knock on the door. I went to see who it is. It was Chris Hero. "Chris, what do you want?" I ask him. "I was seeing if you are okay?" ask Chris. "I am fine, but, you can't be here" I said. "Why?" ask Chris. "It's because of Eddie" I said. "What? Kingston is here?" ask Chris. "Yes, now shush! You need to leave before he awakes!" I said. "Oh no, I need to see this" said Chris. Sure enough, he went inside. I beg Chris to leave, but, sure enough, Chris didn't listen and tried to bug the crap out of Eddie. "Eddie, wake up" said Chris. "Don't do it Chris" I said. Chris was about to say something, but, Eddie woke up and being livid. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, CHRIS?" ask Eddie. "Waking you up!" said Chris. "GET OUT OF HERE, SNOWFLAKE!" said Eddie. Dang, I see how livid they are. Sure enough, Chris and Eddie fought. They use chairs and tables. I was like totally freaking out. I had no choice but to kick both of them out. "Get out of here!" I shouted. Chris and Eddie looked at me. "I'm sorry Lindsie" said Chris. "Me too" said Eddie. They both walk out. I was so mad at them. Suddenly, I see that Eddie forgot something. It was a note. It read:


Dear Lindsie,


 I have to say that I am sorry. I haven't been honest to you. I have demons which it would make me drink, but, the last few days, I see you, which it makes me give up and not have these demons. I know that what ever happens my bonita, you are the sweetest thing ever.



Eddie Kingston


Eddie really wanted to give me that. I had to chase after him. But, as I was heading out the door, Eddie was waiting for me. "I'm sorry" I said. "Me too" said Eddie. We both kissed. "I am naked" said Eddie. "I know" I said. We walk to our bed and made out. Sure enough, I called in for breakfast to be delivered to my room. "Hey Lindsie, can I go smoke outside?" ask Eddie. "Sure, but, smoke is bad for you. My mother smoked since my brother was in the hospital, but, she had to stop" I said. "Why?" ask Eddie. "She learn that she would get lung cancer" I said. "Well, I won't have that happen" said Eddie. "You always say that Eddie" I said. "Well, you know I am trying to do what I can, my bonita" said Eddie. "Sure Eddie" I said. I went to get ready for the day by going to take a shower. As, I shower up, Eddie sneak in and tries to make sure his breath does not smells and then he gets in the shower. I was soaping up when Eddie starts to touch me. "Eddie, I know it's you" I said. "Yeah, and I want to do something" said Eddie. So, Eddie kiss me all over my body. I start to giggle. Suddenly, Eddie turn me around and kiss me on the lips. "You are so sweet, my bonita" said Eddie. "I know" I said. Eddie kiss me on the lips and he picks me up and we so made out in the shower. Soon, the door knock and suddenly breakfast arrived. I got out of the shower and put a robe on and answer the door. I open it and let the cart in and tip the person who deliver the food. As I sat down, I told Eddie the food is here. Suddenly I felt a hand climb out and felt my leg. I scream. Eddie came out of the bathroom and he and I see who it is. "TIM DONST!" shouted Eddie and I. "Hey there Eddie. Lindsie" said Tim. "What are you doing here?" I ask. "I am seeing you" said Tim. "You have to leave" I said. "Uh, why?" ask Tim. "Hi there!" said Eddie. "Uh, right, Eddie" said Tim. I nodded. "You need to leave" I said. "No way, Eddie needs to leave" said Tim. "No way, Snowflake! You have to leave! My bonita does not see you!" said Eddie.

Tim got livid. He went to jump in bed and tried to make out with me, but, Eddie grab Tim and he throw Tim out of the hallway. After that we have breakfast and I had to start to heading on out. "Lindsie, where you going?" ask Eddie. "I'm leaving today. I got a lot of things to do this week" I said. "What's that?" ask Eddie. "Just things. You don't want to know" I said. "When will I see you again?" ask Eddie. "I don't know" I said. Eddie did something. He grab my smartphone and he put his number in my contacts. Then, he went onto my twitter account and he end up adding himself on my twitter account and give back my phone. I looked at it and see what he done. Eddie then kiss me on the forehead and then my lips. I was in shock. I had to go home, but, I was sad enough ending up missing him. Eddie walk out and I head on downstairs. As I got downstairs and checking out, someone came behind me. I turn around and I was in shock. "YOU!" I scream. It was Austin Aries. "Hello Lindsie, I was hoping if you are okay?" ask Austin. "Not really" I said. "What's wrong?" ask Austin. "I slept with someone and I thought he was bad" I said. "Who was it? Was it Chris Hero?" asked Austin. "Nope. It's Eddie Kingston" I said. "WHAT?" ask Austin as he seen a ghost. "Yeah, and what are you doing here?" I ask. "I came to see you and just give you a freaking one night stand" said Austin. "You are too late" I said. "What? You told me two nights" said Austin. "You are a little too late" I said. "What?" ask Austin. I walk away from him. He start to chase after me. "What do you mean, I am a little too late?" ask Austin. "The seeds have been sown" I said. "What?" ask Austin. I ran out and got to a taxicab that took me to the airport. As I got in, Austin get in with me. "What do you want?" I ask. "I want to know, who went after you?" ask Austin. "You want to know? Fine! Eddie Kingston just fuck me! Now you have to leave me alone!" I said. 

Austin Aries got livid. He tried to get on top of me. I push him away. He went to do it again, but, I screamed. The taxi driver pulled Austin out. "Hey, what are you doing to this sweet woman?" ask the driver. "None of your business!" said Austin. Sure enough as Eddie Kingston leaving the hotel, he sees me in danger. "Hey!" said Eddie. He sees Austin and Austin sees him. "ARIES!" said Eddie. "KINGSTON!" said Austin. Eddie ran up to him and Austin attack him. The two brawl and suddenly the police was coming. Eddie put his bag in the back of the taxi and jump in with me. The taxi driver ask us. "Where too?" ask the driver. "THE AIRPORT!" I said. The driver understood. As we were leaving, Austin Aries got in trouble with the police. "I guess we can't stay away from each other" said Eddie. "I guess so" I said. We get to the airport and then we had to check in for our luggage. As we do, we found out that we are on the same airplane. But, we are not alone. So was Tim Donst and Chris Hero. "Listen, we saw what happen and we can't believe that he found you" said Chris. "Tell me about it" I said. "So, what you said is true?" ask Tim. "Yeah" I said. "I don't get is why Austin Aries would go after you?" ask Eddie. "Well, it's a long story" I said. "We have time" said Chris. "Okay, this is what happen. I was talking to my friend Dominique. I ask her about Tyler Black. I ask her if she have been watch his matches and she said that she is. Then she ask me about Austin Aries. I told her those two have been feuding so many times. But, Domi ask me that if I have feelings for him. I said that I don't, because he loves Thea, but, if I did, he won't know now then it was before" I said. "So, what happen next?" ask Tim. "Well, Domi kept pushing me to say it, but, I told her no. Somehow, he knows that I was talking about him. He made contact to me. He was at first telling me that he was not in a relationship with her, but, Thea caught on and she really give it to him. I was in shock" I said. "That's not good" said Chris. "Well what did you do?" ask Eddie.

"I ask him, why are you tweeting me now, when I tweet you then and he said that he was busy. I was not buying it one bit. So, he kept asking me why do I care for, well you guys and I said, that they are much fun then you will ever be" I said. "I see. Aries won't leave you alone!" said Tim. "No duh" I said. "I can't believe that he want you" said Chris. "Tell me about it" I said. "So, then what?" ask Eddie. "Well, I had to lie to him about that I wanted to see him in two days, but, I would be gone by then. I know I was thinking that it would be so clever about it, but, I did not expect him being so early" I said. The guys understood what I said. Sure enough, we get on and then the airplane gets it going. As the plane goes up, I looked at Eddie and he looked at me. As we are allowed to move a little.We just stare at each other like there is something wrong. But, suddenly I kiss Eddie. "Bonita?" ask Eddie. "I'm sorry" I said. "Don't. I can't believe that your kisses are the best in my life" said Eddie. "Uh, thanks?" I ask. Eddie turns and he kiss me back on the lips. We suddenly made out. As we reach our destination, I looked at Eddie Kingston and we had to be separated, because he had to go somewhere. So, the next two weeks were rough. I was doing many things as much as I can, but, end up seeing Eddie Kingston, who went completely nuts on twitter, trying to hide our relationship at much, due to all of those crazy fans who were fans of Tim Donst. Suddenly, I was not much feeling well and I had to see a doctor. The doctor had to do some test and would tell me in a few days. So, I had to wait and then I got the news. I was in shock, but, most of all, I had to tell Eddie.

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