Eddie Kingston is my Huckleberry: A very twisted fan fiction (Part 4)

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Note: This fan fiction has some cursing, slang words that I got off the internet, sexual stuff, and racial stuff. I am not going to offend most of you, but, if so, please tell me through a message that you see a button on my profile. Thank You!

Prelude: A spa day spending it with my bff and maid of honor, Veda Scott. Looks like it's going to be good...or so to be true...

Veda and I headed to the spa and I was starting to feel much relaxed. But, there was trouble arose. Veda know that there was danger. She started to notice when the man who was doing facials was different. "Excuse me, where is Julio?" ask Veda. "He's out for the day" said the man. As I was getting the skin cream all over my face, Veda went to check. She sees Julio tied up. So, she untie him. "Who did this to you?" ask Veda. "A man who looks like your friend Lindsie!" said Julio. "Huh?" ask Veda. Veda and Julio went after the man. "STOP!" said Veda. "Why do you look like a male version of Lindsie?" ask Julio. I hear the conversation. "The only one who looks like me is my brother, Jonathan" I said. "YOUR BROTHER?" ask Veda. I had to see. "Typical. What do you want Jonathan?" I ask him. "Dad does not want you to marry...uh...who are you marrying?" ask my brother. "You are an imbecile. I can't believe we are related. What should I tell mother? You trying to wreck my soon-to-be wedding to Eddie Kingston?" I ask. "But, Lindsie!" said my brother. "NO! You know better and go home to mom! She needs your help watching your nieces and nephews!" I said. My brother was in shock and then he left.


"I'm sorry Julio. I have a family war going on. My father is really mean of who I am marrying" I said. "It's okay. I am going to help you get through your session, so you look so radiant for Eddie!" said Julio. Next, Veda and I were getting our nails done for the wedding. All of a sudden my feet was being red as we suppose to get our feet done. I freak out. "My feet are swollen!" I said. "Mine too!" said Veda. Julio was in shock. "Sakura! What did you do?" ask Julio. "Nothing! All I use was a cleanser!" said Sakura. I smell the foot tub. "EW! BLEACH!" I said. "What?" ask Julio. "It smells like bleach!" I said. "That is not my foot cleanser! I use my creation of lavender, macha green tea, saffron, and rosewater oil" said Sakura. "MY FEET ARE RED!" I said. "I'm sorry Lindsie-san" said Sakura. "Well, I got a fix for the swelling" said Julio. "What?" I ask. Julio grab a bottle that labeled, Julio's remedy for swollen red feet. "Okay, I got this. Empty the tubs, Sakura" said Julio. Sakura did and Julio place his remedy and Veda and I put our feet it. "This feels soothing" I said. "Yeah" said Veda. "Well you will have lunch. Specially made for you Lindsie. Eddie told me about you like what he did for you" said Julio. "No way! You did that?" I ask Julio. "Yep" said Julio. Julio has brought me my lunch and he brought Veda's too. We ate and watch some matches that Julio had got. "I know you want to watch him, chica" said Julio. "Dang! Julio, I can't believe you doing this for me!" I said. "Well after all you and Eddie are my favorite customers" said Julio. I smiled. Veda wanted know what is going on. "Lindsie, why is Julio says that you and Eddie are his favorite customers?" ask Veda. "Well, during my pregnancy, the doctor told me that I was way too intense and recommend to seek spa treatments every two weeks. Right before I throw Eddie out, because I was nuts, we go see Julio. But, the day I did, Julio knew that I should not done that and he had to get us back together" I said. "Oh!" said Veda. "Yeah, he's really nice" I said. "Lindsie, did you get the ninas and ninos baptized yet?" ask Julio. "No, I did not. Eddie and I never spoke of it" I said. "Well you two should during the ceremony tomorrow" said Julio. "Well, I need to talk to Eddie, but, you know the rules" I said.


"I will gladly call him for you on your behalf" said Julio. "Thank you. I am going to call my mother" I said. "Sure thing. SAKURA!" said Julio. "Yes, Julio-san" said Sakura. "Can you get Lindsie's cell phone?" ask Julio. "I don't know Julio-san" said Sakura. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN SAKURA?" ask Julio. Veda got mad. "I'll go get it" said Veda. So, Veda went to get my cellphone. "Here you go" said Veda as she hands me my phone. I call my mother. Meanwhile Veda went after Sakura. "Hey! Sakura!" said Veda. "Yes, Veda-san" said Sakura. "Why did you refused to help Lindsie? She had to call her mother to tell her about tomorrow. So why?" ask Veda. "I been told by Lindsie-san's father to not do anything for Lindsie-san at all. He knows that Lindsie-san should not be marry to someone who is not the same as Lindsie-san and her family" said Sakura. "Sakura, that was racist! I am going have to tell Julio!" said Veda. "No! Please don't tell Julio-san!" said Sakura. "I already know" said Julio as he overhear the conversation. "Julio-san, please don't fire me! I need this job so I can send money to my poor mother!" said Sakura. "Sakura, I will not fire you, unless you tell me what Lindsie's father put you up to!" said Julio. "No! I can't!" said Sakura. "Sakura! YOUR..." said Julio. "FINE! I WAS TOLD THAT LINDSIE-SAN CAN'T HAVE ANY FUN AT ALL! SHE NEEDS TO BE MISERABLE AND THEN TAKE THE BLAME ON EDDIE KINGSTON!" said Sakura. Veda and Julio are in shock. "Anything else?" ask Veda. "Once Lindsie gets very upset, she would have a choice but to kill the ugly..."said Sakura. "Sakura! NOT HERE! I do not want you say that word! You know better not to say that!" said Julio. Suddenly, Julio hear me. "Hey! Julio! Did you call Eddie?" I ask. "Oh, crap!" said Julio. "What?" ask Veda. "I forgot to call Eddie!" said Julio. "Well you call him. I will deal with Sakura" said Veda. "Okay" said Julio. Julio make the call to Eddie. Meanwhile Veda start to ask Sakura lots of questions. Meanwhile, I was searching for Veda and Julio, when Julio's assistant Remi came. "Ah, Lindsie, good to see you! Have Julio take you and Veda to the massage room?" ask Remi. "Sorry Remi. He hasn't. He's suppose to call my fiancee and I can't find Veda" I said. "Well, let me take you to the room and set you up with Milo. He's new, but, he would make sure that you would be relaxed before the wedding!" said Remi.


"Please do" I said. I went in and got undress and put a towel wrap around me and lay down on my stomach while I wait for Milo. Suddenly I hear the door open. "Hello, I am Milo" said Milo. "Hello Milo. I hope you can help me relax" I said. "No problem Lindsie. Just let me get the lotion" said Milo. Milo walk outside and Julio and Remi are both freaking out. "Wait! YOU ARE NOT Milo!" said Remi. "I am Milo!" said Milo. Julio close the door quickly. "You are not Milo! In fact you are lucky enough that your fiancee is in there, Eddie Kingston" said Julio. "Yeah, so" said Eddie. "What are you doing here, Eddie?" ask Julio. "Lindsie is in danger. Her father send a message to me as I am trying to get trimmed for the wedding" said Eddie. "What did he say?" ask Julio. Eddie shows the message. "Ay mi dios! That's just plain wrong!" said Julio. "He's sending that guy?" ask Remi. "Yes. He's still won't give up on Lindsie!" said Eddie. Suddenly, the three guys hear my voice. "Ah, Milo!" I said. "Crap! I got to go back in" said Eddie. "Here Eddie, use this" said Julio. "What is this?" ask Eddie. "It's the lotion that Lindsie made. She was going to give it to you, but, I think Lindsie would need this more" said Julio. "Thanks" said Eddie. Eddie went in and he sees me laying. He applies the lotion on my back. He massage my back and suddenly I start to recognized the smell of the lotion. "That smell. I recognized it. I was going to use that for my soon-to-be husband, Eddie" I said. Eddie nodded what I said. "Milo, do you got something to say?" I ask. "Uh, we got trouble" said Eddie. A door open and it's Austin Aries. "Oh what the heck are you doing here?" ask Austin. "Could ask you the same thing!" said Eddie. The two start attacking.


Suddenly I hear the noise and look up and I only see Austin Aries. "What the heck?" I ask. "Hello Lindsie!" said Austin. I screamed. Julio, Remi, and Veda busted in. "AUSTIN ARIES!" said Veda. "What the heck?" ask Remi. "Get out of here!" said Julio. Julio start throwing things at Austin Aries, while Veda and Remi start to chase Austin Aries out of the spa. I look at Julio. "What the heck happened?" I ask. "Uh, this is going to be hard" said Julio. "What is hard?" I ask. Veda quickly came in. "Yeah, Austin Aries was pretending to be Milo" said Veda. "What?" I ask. "Yeah, he was getting to you so he would rape you" said Veda. I knew something was very fishy. "You lie! All of you!" I said. "Dang it! Eddie she knows!" said Julio. "I knew that it was not Austin Aries, but, I knew it was my fiancee! You know that would bring us bad luck!" I said. "Forget about this!" said Remi. "Forget what?" I ask. "Forget about this silly bad luck that the bride and groom can't see each other!" said Remi. "Are you nuts?" I ask. "No, hear him out Lindsie" said Julio. "Well, what is that?" I ask. "Well, I had this bad marriage to Lulu and she and I did not see each other until the wedding and what happened before we got married, she cheated on me with Julio's cousin, Lisa" said Remi. "What?" I ask. "I forgot to tell you that Lisa is a lesbian" said Julio. "Yeah, I think Eddie is really mad about that" I said. "Can I continue?" ask Remi. "Please go on" I said. "Thank you. I was really nervous when I was getting married again, this time to Julio's sister Maria and I went to check on her, I caught her in the act, with Sakura's brother, Yuri. Maria threw stuff at me and I called the wedding off. But, when I decided to get married to..." said Remi. "Who?" I ask. "Remi, you know that is not going to happen until you ask her" said Julio. "Who?" I ask. "Me" said Veda. "You?" I ask. "Yeah, and I can't, because, it's just that..." said Veda.


"You are too scared" I said. "Yeah" said Veda. "I know and Remi, I understand what you are saying. But, breaking tradition will be bad. You just had very bad marriages" I said. "Yes, bad marriages, but the women should never cheated on me" said Remi. "Do you think I would cheat on Eddie?" I ask. "Maybe" said Remi. "Well, I won't. This wedding is way too much important to me to be with some slob, then to be with a true Puerto Rican king" I said. Eddie overhear what I said. "I feel the same, my Native American princess" said Eddie. I smiled after I heard what Eddie said. "Well, this is sweet and all, but, Eddie, you better leave!" said Veda. "Hold up Veda. I am not going to let you to chase Eddie out. Not what you did at their house" said Julio. "But, come on!" said Veda. "No! Not going to happen. You need to let them be" said Julio. Julio, Remi, and Veda leave the room and Eddie came in and did not look at my face. "Lindsie, I don't know what is right or wrong, but, please tell me, what's on your mind?" ask Eddie. I turn around and just look at his chest. "Eddie, I can't stand of what's right or wrong. Do, I believe in luck? Gambling & you winning matches, yes, I do, but, never marriages. It's very uncanny on why people should believe in something like that. Is there a reason? I don't know, but, what Remi's bad experiences prove that his love was corrupted by women who should not be with him to begin with. But, for us, after that freaky incident and our one night stand proves that we love each other and not to mention, we have four children. I said to everyone just damn you all! I am marrying someone who can treat me right and screw the superstitions for weddings. They don't exist to me and I know they don't to you" I said. Eddie understand everything and he touch my chin and titled it up and all of a sudden, Eddie kiss me on the lips. After a really nutty day, during the evening, Veda and I just talk about what happened and sure enough, we had to go to bed. By morning, it was time for the wedding.

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