Eddie Kingston is my Huckleberry: A very twisted fan fiction (Part 6)

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Note: This fan fiction has some cursing, slang words that I got off the internet, sexual stuff, and racial stuff. I am not going to offend most of you, but, if so, please tell me through a message that you see a button on my profile. Thank You!

Prelude: What is the message that my mother leave me while I am on my honeymoon with my husband?

I got out of the shower with Eddie and I looked at my phone. I see the voice mail message and I listen to it with Eddie. "What is going on?" ask Eddie. "Ay, this is not good at all" I said. "What?" ask Eddie. I look outside of the balcony. "It's my father. He got out of jail again. However, he went too far" I said. "What did he do?" ask Eddie. I looked at my phone. I started to cry. I show it to Eddie. He got so mad. "What's wrong with your father?" ask Eddie. "He still believes that they are not my children and what's worse, he kidnap them. My mother told him that she will call the police, but, my father believes that she is not going to do it. Then he said to her that he is going to do a DNA test, but, he is going to kill them to do it!" I said. Eddie started to freak out. Eddie was about to go off, when I show Eddie more news. "My mother said she got law enforcement involve. As what she is telling me, he is coming here. The police here are going to help too" I said. "Where is he heading?" ask Eddie. I looked at the text message and then I show Eddie. Eddie knew where that is at. We went there as soon as we can. I see my father and he was there with the kids. He sees a woman who was scared for her life. "Please take them, they are your children!" said my father. "Dude, your crazy! I saw the mother and father of those children!" said the lady. "No, these children are not my daughter's" said my father. "Uh, yeah, they are" said the lady. She screamed and kick my father in the groin and ran away. Eddie and I see the woman. "Help me" said the woman. "Go to the police and tell them" I said. The woman understand. Eddie went to go after my father, but, I had to hold him back.


"Let me go Lindsie!" said Eddie. "Eddie wait. I don't want my father finding out that you are here" I said. "Why not?" ask Eddie. "He said to my mother if you go after our children, he's going to kill them. I freaked out about it, but, my mother said to stay calm and get our children back" I said. "But, Lindsie!" said Eddie. "Stay clear, until I got them" I said. "Fine" said Eddie. "I love you my husband" I said. "I love you too my wife. Please get our ninos and ninas" said Eddie. "I will" I said. I went to see my father. "Dad, what are you doing here?" I ask. "Lindsie! I'm surprised to see you here. Where is that ex-fiancee of yours?" ask my father. "I haven't seen him, since he had to wrestle before we got married. We had to cancel the wedding. But, what are you doing with them?" I ask. "Hoping to find their mother. I can't find their mother" said my father. "What's wrong with you?" I ask. "What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you?" ask my father. "Me! What's wrong with you? Why are you being a racist? Why are you saying that these children are not mine? Where are coming up with this?" I ask. "Lindsie, I know they are not yours. They are some junkie whore!" said my father. "You are a disgrace to me!" I said. "Me? What can I make you change your mind?" ask my father. "Look at them and tell me you don't see yourself in them" I said. My father did. He look at every one of them. He was thinking. "How come you won't tell me about this?" ask my father. "Because you are being so stubborn" I said. "Stubborn! I just want to know why did you have to be with someone who is not like us?" ask my father.


"That's racist, dad! The truth on why I wanted this, was originally to make mom happy so she can brag to her friends saying that she's a grandmother, but, there is more to this. The reason why is because when I wanted one, but others fight over me, I need someone who won't" I said. "What? Would some guy fighting for you sounds sweet?" ask my father. "Don't you get when two guys fight over a lady, the lady ends up with someone else who is not fighting over the lady? Besides that, you needs to get with the real times" I said. "What? You are insane!" said my father. As, I argue against my father, the children started to crawl as they see their father, Eddie. My father was having it and I said what I need to say. "I told you that no matter what, I love these children, because I was in labor! You on the other hand wanted both Jonathan and me dead!" I said. "No! I won't!" said my father. My father look down to find out that the children are crawling. "Hey!" said my father. He was about to run, when I pushed him to the ground and I pick up the two ninos. Eddie grabbed the two ninas and we ran for our lives. My father got up and he got a gun and tried to shoot at us, but, he missed so many time, until one bullet was fired and hit on Eddie's butt. Eddie went down with the ninas. I freaked out. Eddie was in pain as so is the ninas. The police came and saw what happened. Eddie was transported to a clinic. Both Sonia Jasmine and Lauren Marie suffer some scrapes and bruises, but, their heads were not crack, because Eddie protected them. I told the police what happened. They understood. My father was arrested and taken away. The police help me with the children and take me over to see Eddie, who was screaming out. I was allowed to go in to see him.


"Ay! Eddie! What are you doing?" I ask him. "My butt really hurts wife!" screamed Eddie. "Oh quit being a baby! You are fine! Don't do this to the children!" I said. Eddie was in pain. I hold him on when the nurse takes the bullet out. Then another nurse ends up patching up Eddie. The nurse told me that Eddie can't be sitting or even laying on his back for the next few days. Eddie needed help to back to our hotel room. Lucky for the both of us, our mothers arrived to help with the situation. "Lindsie, we came as we heard. Are you all okay?" ask my mother. "Not really. The ninos and ninas are really scared. What's worse is Eddie got shot in the butt" I said. "Ay! Eddie!" said Eddie's mother. "I'm fine" said Eddie. "No, you are in pain" I said. "But, I don't get why your father would do this?" ask my mother. "He's still being a racist and I'm thinking that he's getting the hint that it's our children" I said. "But, why? Why is he is a racist?" ask Eddie's mother. "It's because of his youth. When he was in high school and her being in middle school, the movement of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr that he wanted to every last person, no matter what color of his skin, was treated equal. That was in means, to everyone treated. Somehow my father is not taken that. He wanted a school with his kind. I don't know this is my grandmother's doing. But, I think he might not getting it" I said. "Then we need to" said Eddie as he is in pain. "No way, hubby. You need rest" I said. "So, what can we do?" ask my mother. "I think I know" I said. So, I came up with the idea. I went to visit my father. "You lied to me!" said my father. "No, you are being so delusional! I never told you much! You are nothing more then a racist and now a kidnapper! I had no choice, but, to do is to press charges and put a restraining order in every country. That way, you can't come after us!" I said. "You can't do that!" said my father.


"I just did. By the way, the US government is taking you back to the US where you are going to be tried as a felon" I said. "What?" ask my father. "By the way, you will never see your grandchildren ever!" I said. "NO! YOU ARE A VERY BAD GIRL!" said my father as he smack my face. The guards saw it and took him away. I left and returned to the hotel room. My mother see my face red. "Your father did this?" ask my mother. "Yes" I said. Eddie's mother saw my face and she did not want to say anything. I went to see Eddie. "You father hit you" said Eddie. "Yes, he did" I said. I hear the quadruplets. I go to them. They were crying. "Mommy is here" I said. I grabbed Lauren Maria. I started to rock her. Suddenly, I started to cry. My mother grabbed Lauren Maria. I cried and lay next to Eddie. "Lindsie, are you okay?" ask Eddie. "I'm hurt. My father said that I am a very bad girl" I said as I shed tears. Eddie kiss me. He and I kiss. Our mothers took our kids outside to get fresh air. Eddie kiss me all over my body. I kiss him back. Eddie ends up giving me the most crazy sex I ever had. He do me on top, then he worked his way to my back. He got me on all my hands and knees. I screamed. Eddie, despite with the bullet wound, just went at it. It was so sweet. After the sex, I smiled at my husband. He smiled back. We both lay down. "So, what happened?" ask Eddie. "I went there and they told me what to do. I had to ask what the charges and they explain that my father is going back to face many charges" I said. "But, what about the slap?" ask Eddie. "When I told him everything, he slap me and yell at me" I said. "He should never done that at you. You don't need that!" said Eddie. "I know. But, he is my father. But, I want to move on, because he is dead to me and I am happy to be married to you and we have our quadruplets who is right now with our mothers for safety" I said.  "Yeah, that's why I love you. I am glad to be with a woman who can be with me" said Eddie. "Yeah" I said. 

Within the few days of Eddie recuperating and I get to spend time with the quadruplets with my mother, it was feeling better that my father was not a threat to my family. "Lindsie" said my mother. "Yeah, mom" I said. "I'm sorry that this ruined your honeymoon with Eddie" said my mother. "It's okay. It gives me time to see my kids. Eddie has to see the doctor today. I know that the kids miss us both, but, what my father did to them, I feel like they are scared of their grandfather" I said. "Yeah, that was bizarre. Why would your father do it?" ask my mother. "It's because he is being a racist and he hates Eddie" I said. "Yeah, I see that" said my mother. "Besides that, I think we need to do something with the kids. This is their heritage and it should be best with their father, but, we will do something when we are back in the US" I said. "What's that?" ask my mother. "We can show them their other heritage" I said. "You mean it!" said my mother. "Yeah, I really mean it" I said. My mother smiled. The quadruplets started to talk when they see Eddie. "Dada!" said Lauren Maria. "Huh?" I ask. I turn around. "Eddie!" I said. "Hey Lindsie! There are our kids!" said Eddie. I came up to him. "So, how did it go?" I ask. "Fine, the doctor said that I can sit again" said Eddie. "Good!" I said. "So, have you talk to your mother about your father?" ask Eddie. "Yeah. They are going to contain him, but, however someone told my father where I am at. But, my grandmother did not told him, because she was getting real old" I said. "Who else?" ask Eddie. "I swear, it better not be him" I said. "Who?" ask Eddie. "Austin Aries" I said. "You have got to be kidding me!" said Eddie. "No I am not" I said. "How?" ask Eddie. "I think I know" I said. I showed Eddie. "You said that!" said Eddie. "I said that, but, I never said where. I swear he's tracking me" I said. Suddenly, I got an idea. I went to the government for help. I explain everything to them. "Ma'am, are you sure about this?" ask the agent. "Yes, I'm sure. If there is a possible of wanting me, this is it. I been tracked by a sicko who is so obsessed with me" I said.


"We will help you with a scanner. Don't worry, it's harmless. It won't hurt you. We will scan your body and all of your devices for it" said the agent. "Thank you" I said. They scan everywhere. They found one on my back. "Oh damn it!" I said. "How did this happened?" ask the agent. "He must did this when he tried to have sex with me in the taxi cab!" I said. "When was it?" ask the agent. "More then a year ago" I said. "Has you became pregnant with his children?" ask the agent. "No. I haven't. The quadruplets have been tested and they are my husband and I" I said. "Thank you. We got the information that we needed" said the agent. I left and went back to my husband. "So, what happened?" ask Eddie. "There is going to investigate" I said. "Well, the ninos and ninas are going back home" said Eddie. "Cool. I guess my mother and your mother are going to watch them" I said. "Yeah. This would give us time" said Eddie. I knew there was something that Eddie wants to do. So, the next two days, we went on a tour and saw many places. It was almost time to go. On our last night, Eddie and I walk on the beaches and do what crazy couples do, have sex while the water hits on us. It was the hottest thing ever happen. We pack up and went home. As we got home my mother was waiting for me with the kids. They all ran up to us. We were glad to see them. I see that both Sonia Jasmin and Lauren Marie has not brain damage as my mother had took them to the hospital when they got home. Eddie told me something that I was in shock to hear. "Lindsie, I am wondering, before you told me that you were pregnant, what you were doing?" ask Eddie. "Okay, I was not suppose to tell you until we got married, but, my mother and I were trying to sell this house, but, since then, I wanted to move out, but, we need this house repaired. But, since I could not get that, because when I find out that I was pregnant, I had to stop" I said. "Where do you want to move? We can't live in New York. It's not safe for our kids" said Eddie. "I don't think moving to Florida is a good ideal, cause you know who lives there"  I said. "Right" said Eddie. "How about you and the kids move in with me" said my mother. "Are you sure?" I ask. "Well, it give me time to spend more with your kids" said my mother. "Yeah, I think it's a good ideal. Plus I can think about what to say when I have to testified against my father" I said. "Right, I can't believe he did that" said my mother. "Well, it makes me upset that he did this that makes me upset that he kidnaps our kids, your and his grandkids, for some delusional reason that they were giving birth to a junkie whore, when I was the one who gave birth to them and It was not that fun! It took five hours to give birth to these sweet angels!" I said. "I know. It took me long with you and your brother and I know you have them. I think it's for the best in case your father shows, if he breaks out" said my mother. "Lindsie, I have to agree with you and your mother for our kids safety" said Eddie. "I know my mother has rooms and I think it would be good" I said. "Is it small?" ask Eddie. "No, in fact it's bigger than this" I said. "Why is it big?" ask Eddie. "In case family comes, like us" I said. "Really?" ask Eddie. "Yeah, I think it's for the best. Once we move, I can get the construction going on and once it's ready, we can get it sold" I said. Eddie like the ideal. We had our kids watch and Eddie and I pack all of our things. I got a truck and Eddie and I load everything. We took it to my mother's house and started to unload. It took us a few trips to do it. When we were done, Eddie and I were so tired, but, the quadruplets need us. My mother help us out by feeding them. All I hear from each of them saying mommy and daddy. After they are feed and end up playing in the playpen, Eddie and I took the truck back, but, before we did, Eddie wanted to do something.

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