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Today i will discuss the the main problem why a poor family child can not get the well education know as we see there is a net of a school,college and universities around us but most of these are private it is our concept that at most of the jobs the private institute are preferred i think this concept is true about 70 percent of the posts in the Pakistan are given to the private institute students

                                                                                                                                                                    as someone from the poor family who get the education from the government sector if he is too much intelligent then he get in the board the marks equal to the normle student of the private sector student what there is logic no one can know the logic but this is true and at the university level when result is displayed there is 50 percent marks for the marks thus a government sector student has been beaten there

                                                                                                                                                     when  there is no well job for the intelligent students of the poor family then many of othere in the society can lose there heart and far away from the education then some of them can pick up weapon in there hand then kiddnapping,snating will be common in the society i think the damage occur in the world is the result of the ups and down of the society if the government control on this then we will prevent ourselves from many dangerous think

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