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Sometimes the hardest thing to do is start a project but if you can actually get started then you have gotten through the hardest huddle, the rest is easy; you can just glide your way through. In the same way I am sure you have all heard that writing is a talent if you don’t have it, you can forget about it. Although, I agree that writing is a talent, I have to also agree that it is an easy talent to develop and may I also say, master as well. With persistence and determination we can all be great writers. We all have a story and we all want to tell our stories and that is linked to the first step in developing the art of writing. In order to tell your story you must know how to write your story.  In order to write your story you must know how to read. So you want to start by reading, anything you come across, novels, newspapers, comics, etc., just read. After you’ve read for a while you will discover a voice inside your head begging to be heard. You will no longer be able to keep silent; keeping your stories bottled in or shut up in your bones. It is at this point that - a writer is born. As you continue to read you will gain more and more confidence and you will keep hearing that voice inside you begging to tell your story. You can then begin to write about any and everything, your life, pains, struggles, joys, all you want to talk about, go ahead just express yourself freely, the stage is set for you. When your begin to tell your story many will be captivated and soon you will have your target audience, those who identify with you, who likewise share your pains, joys and suffering waiting patiently to hear and relate to  your stories.


With your newly acquired writing skill you can now join the circle of other students social entrepreneurs around the world and blog about subjects of interest to you. Join the growing movement that is taking the world by storm and let your voice be heard as well. We at the Examer Company Limited makes it our business to guide you on how to develop the love for writing things that you are passionate about at your own paste, at the same time your efforts will be rewarded with a micro scholarship.  This is an example of how your blog page will look like ones you are set up:

This micro-scholarship is in form of money that will be sent to you every 45 days as long as your account builds $100 or more. Writing/blogging will help built your confidence as a social entrepreneur and others skills such as:

  1. How to blog using journalism style
  2. Learning the true power of social media

Please register at to create your own account or email me at to work your through the process.

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