Education in Afghanistan for women

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Perennial wars, bad tradition & custom and economic Poverty problems are the issues that are deprived Afghan women to education.

Thirty years of civil war in Afghanistan led to a generation of Afghan women to stay away from training and education.

               Unfortunately, can say that women who have more than 30 years old, 90 percent are illiterate and the causes are foreign invasion to Afghanistan and war in this country.

But now, twelve years after the fall of the Taliban regime and ships percentage of literate women in Afghanistan is very high, you can even estimate that more than 50 percent of young Afghan women are literate.

         Twelve years ago, before the Americans came to Afghanistan no Afghan woman did not dare to goes to school but after the Taliban regime was destroyed, thousands of Afghan girls stormed to schools.

 Over the past twelve years, millions of Afghan girls have been graduated from schools and universities who are working in the Institutes and Government.

          Across the country, millions of Afghan girls now are busy training up until a few years Afghanistan wills Percentage of females literate.

Women, like men, are training in Afghanistan, there is no difference between them and men, and women and women points are equals.

But the fundamental challenges facing Afghan women go to school; insurgent threats, the Taliban, are always try to stop to going Afghan women to schools and now also continue their threats.

             With cascading billions of dollars in international aid to Afghanistan, Education in Afghanistan for women in this country has grown dramatically

During the past twelve years, thousands of schools are made across the country.

In Afghanistan bad tradition and custom were already knew disgrace girls go to school but now defunct.

            Ten years ago there were economic problems in Afghanistan, but now at least partially without any problem families send their daughters to school.

Afghan security forces have grown to provide security in girls' schools and women are no threat to go to schools.

Afghan women have good academic achievements during the past twelve years; now hundreds of Afghan girls are training and education in foreign countries.

However, progress in Education in Afghanistan for women still need the cooperation of the international community, especially America, and Afghan women hope to have better gains with Afghan allies and to become zero the percentage of illiterate women in Afghanistan.

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