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    All developing countries are first focusing on quality of their country’s education and are trying to enhance its capacity. Ten years ago, Afghanistan had no educational system, schools and Universities, but after the fall of the Taliban Afghanistan began from zero and in ten years it reached itself equivalent to other developing countries.

    Zinda Jaan is a far-flung area in Herat province its people had not seen school buildings  in their life time, now they have modern school buildings and their children are going to schools and are receiving education and higher education in Herat city.

    Zinda Jaan is apart from Herat city around 70 kilometers and now people can reach the city easily  through the new road asphalted by the fund of International community for them.

    Basir Ahmad Arwin Taheri the director of Herat education says:

During the year 2012 about  114000 new students were registered in heart  education and the number of recruits increase year by year. Besides, hundreds of school buildings with necessary equipment are built and provided for Afghan students funded by the International community.

    As education minister came to Herat province, he promised to the students that for the year 2013 tens of professional teachers will be hired and sent to the districts of Herat and around ten new school buildings will be built for them.

   The whole construction, investment, and other infrastructural work that have been done by Afghans and International Community to Afghanistan show that that Afghanistan is on the road to the development and soon it will reach its objective.


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