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Providing of eduction is the basic responsibility of state . A state which is mend for public and made up of honest and true peoples and democracy which gives the model of welfare state besides the democracy to stabilization the government state needs accountability.state make sure that those person who broke the law must behind the prison .Pakistan is at defining moment as for as education is concern.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         education is the basic right of citizen but over the years due too failure of governments and state over 20 million child  of Pakistan are out of schools.the condition of primary schools are worst and due to lack of facilities like pure water, furniture, books and one of the bigger problems in education sector is the political interference. many times public representatives interfere and some time enrolled those teachers in schools who had objectives.                                                                                                                                                   political issue also effect the education system and some time a education policy made by government (present) is changed by newly elected policy 1998-2010 was a revolutionary policy but it could not got his targets because of martial law government imposed by general pervez musharraf .law and order is also a big issue.there is very big ratio of those children who left the school because of the punishment of teachers.dual education system is also a big issue it is it self a big problem.

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