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The importance of education cannot be denied. Education is highly desirable to bring the nation in the rank of developed countries. Without education development is like dream and for the sake of future of nation education system must be adapt in a serious way.  But unfortunately the condition of most of the sectors is miserable and education sector is also counted in this list. It is very sensitive but no special attention is given to this special sector. Poor measures regarding this have created many barriers and this system is deprived of an organized system.

After the sixty four years of creation we are not able to decide what should be our education system? What changes in our curriculum are required? The dilapidated condition of the education system shows our bleak future. Within one country different systems and procedures of education are used. The educational reforms are like slogans of political parties which is raised by high class for the maintenance of reputation. Free books are distributed among poor but they cannot access to high quality education courses and schools. And it is the fact that now education has become the “thing for sale”.

It is true that any country's education sector is important than the defense and the economy but unfortunately in our country it has been the victim of the politics. If one government has taken steps of far-reaching consequences then new government disapproved them. Now the situation is that each school has chosen its own curriculum of education. In government schools one course is taught from generation to generation and these schools are only for poor students where opportunities to show academic abilities and healthier environment are not given. It is regrettable that condition of government schools is pathetic. There are so many such schools which are just registered on papers but on the ground they do not exist.

There are also some people of business mind who have launched the school with the label of English medium system. And now the situation is that every street and corner there is awash of schools. Even an uneducated investor set ups school in his street then what will be the condition of education in such schools? This is the condition of education in our country where there is no single education system while India and Sri Lanka are those countries who made ​​revolutionary changes in education. In these countries, whether poor or rich, all classes have the same education. As a result young of these countries are performing duties in leading companies of world.

In Pakistan, about 75 percent of children are drop out before reaching grade 10, while 81 percent are in grade 3 and in the second grade students cannot read English phrases. During the past several years the education system has been destroyed due to lack of government interest.  According to the UN Millennium Goals by 2015 Pakistan's literacy rate should be 88 from 56 percent but Government officials have already said that this target can be achieved. 

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