Education system in Pakistan and the new generation

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This question arises in many minds that why our education system is only for getting degrees?? Whether there is no other purpose of education for us? We have excellent educational institutions, big buildings having well equipped research laboratories and the annual budget of billions fixed for education but in these educational institutes sufficient opportunities are not given to those subjects which have factors that can change the life of nations. Our present education system does not include a single article about the factors of daily life that after reading and learning any obvious change could be brought about.

It is a fact that when a child is going through the process of learning such knowledge should be  taught to this child  through which he could  see a clear image of state and society in his life. For example, in our education system at primary level neither any education about traffic rules is given to children nor any subject is introduced to children which can provide complete information about traffic laws. Similarly no articles about the environment are taught. No one in the world can deny the importance of Social Sciences but in contrast such social issues are ignored at primary level in our educational system because of which we are lacking national social understanding. Moral values are taught to some extent but these are not stable. Likewise, those factors of drugs are not mentioned in the course through which young generation die with helplessness. Because of drug use an entire generation is on the verge of devastation.

In our present curriculum any substantial knowledge about rescue and first aid is not given which is an integral component of the initial level. In any emergency and difficult situations we become a picture of helplessness and see towards other nations of world for help. The daily accidents are becoming the norm in Pakistan; the main reason is lack of basic understanding and a lack of coherence in breeding. Therefore, the proportion of these accidents is the highest in the world. With every passing day the news of riots, looting and arson are in front of everyone and the ignorance of moral values ​​is the main cause of these situations. The introduction of subjects like social sciences and anthropology at early stages will create politeness and perpetuation of the family's survival.

We have all the resources but unknown fear and self-created complications are standing in the way. Just fault in the education system have created many problems and evils in the society. So education is the only weapon through which we can change ourselves and the world.  Best education system is the source to create best society. Little attention on educational system can change the fate of Pakistan.


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