Education System with New Technologies in Hatifi High School

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Education in Afghanistan is improving day by day through learning new technologies and exchange programs. It is the only way that brings change in the people’s life, mind and their cultures.

It is really necessary for women to become educate in a society because they are the important part of society like mothers that they should learn how to raise and have a healthy child and also take care of their selves.

Information technology brings a revolution in education and combination of them is a key factor for human progress. Students could learn new things in online world and enhance their knowledge and create and research for new subjects. It grows their mind and enhances their understanding about their lessons.

Fortunately today this facility and environment is provided for Hatifi highs school which is one of the biggest and historical schools in Herat. Students go to computer classes with interest and most of the students and teachers are learning computer and internet in their school which provided by help of Film Annex and Afghan Citadel companies.


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Established in 1938, Hatifi High School is one of the largest schools in Herat, Afghanistan and has 8300 students. The students attend the classes in rotations. The school offers 116 classes only for female students. Film Annex and Citadel are building an INTERNET classroom at Hatifi High School in June…

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