Education would be An Afghan Girl's Dreams

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It doesn’t matter when you start to change your life; it is important that how you change and grow well. War in Afghanistan, was a big challenge that most of the people especial women couldn’t get enough education but it doesn’t mean that they can’t try now and get enough education. The government understands that the country will benefit from women’s participation in the economy. The Afghan government has developed many rules and policies to keep women in the workforce and education.


Monira Qhulam Dastgir is one of the sewing and literacy students in Istalif. She is 18 years old and they are thirteen persons in family. Six brothers, four sisters, and her aunt that called Afghani also live with them. She goes to Atifa Shahid, a collage for teacher training, in Istalif. She wants to be a science teacher. She said “After a long time and war I went to school and I saw that most of the teachers at school don’t know the methods of teaching and also the system of education was in low quality. Because of that I want to be a teacher. I think the new generation need to professional teachers for make good future special for women in villages because people in villages don’t access to education sources.” She adds “immigration was one of the reasons that I couldn’t get education. Because of war and lack of security all my families immigrated to the Kabul city. In Kabul the security wasn’t good but that was better than Istalif. I was small and my parents don’t believe in education. I couldn’t go to the school or Mosque to learn from Mula. Not just me all my sisters and brothers didn’t go to the school or Mosque.”

In addition, after war Monira’s Family comeback to the Istalif in 2003. She becomes young. She wanted to go to school but she thought that is too late for her and she will never to receive to her dreams. She mentioned “ My father who is educated person and executive manager of Istalif governor didn’t allow me to participate in the literacy classes of Istalif at first but after a while and many requested he allowed to my sisters and I. I was 8 years old that participate in the literacy classes for 9 months. After that, I could go to the Gils High School of Istalif that was unbelievable for me. At first, I went to school with my brother on the way. After a while he said that don’t walk with me on the way when we go to school when I asked why? He said that people gossiping about me and you. It is shameful for my brother that goes to school with her sister. Sometime, I was alone and sometime I just was with my sisters but I was happy that I learned and know how is good that a person be independence.”

I participated in many workshops like health education workers that were 6 months, violence against women, and Polio Vaccination.

Monira said “all these activities were so useful for us to have good communication with Afghan urban people. Sometime, some families had health problems and I give general and basic health information that I learned in literacy classes and workshops, so I could solve their problems. I always encouraged them that they have to send their daughter to school.”


Monira adds more information that “I am sewing on towels. This work is too hard because it is harmful for my hands and eyes. Because financial problems in my family I have to sew it. Now, my family believes in education. This is big changes for me. My brother is pound of me. He doesn’t shameful anymore.”

 I believe the golden dreams of Afghan people will come true when we stay to education in our motherland, despite our problems. I wish Afghans could realize their dreams at home and live to be respected and valued in their own country to improve education.

In addition, education is important for each women and men. Women annex foundation and film annex are working on education in Afghanistan. Several days ago, women annex and film annex opened the 10th internet classroom in Guharshad high school, heart, Afghanistan. Now, Afghan students especial girls access to internet and digital literacy and social media. They can open the new window and be in touch with new world. Students can meet each other and share their ideas and stories for all people around world. As  Afghan girl that live in Afghanistan. I really appreciate film annex and women annex which tries in education part and help  Afghan girls to know about digital literacy and social media. I pound women annex and film annex. wish they open more internet classroom and school.   

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Mona Haidari studies Business Adminstration at American University of Afghanistan. She is also a writer for Afghan Women Writing Project. Mona loves arts like painting and music. She made two documentary movies.

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