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Education actually plays a remarkable and significant role in the life of human is a window to prosperity,success,happiness,and brilliant future . tranquility is impossible without proper education .proper education is the only for getting ride of sinister difficulties and poverty . The education issue should be taken into serious and accurate consideration in any part of the world in anywhere that people are looking for happiness,success and brilliant future . for the and promoting this important issue among vulnerable people of our lovable country,mass media has an integral role for keeping people wise,and encourages them to enroll their children at schools . Hence it can be held the standard criteria for having a reasonable life style .

Maryam  nazhat

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I am Maryam Nazhat my father name is M.Nader Hamidy.Iam a student in Mahjooba Heravi High school.Iam from Afghanistan and I live in Herat city.

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