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We never can have a complete  definition of education because education is as  a bright light in the human life but unliterary is as blindness  the persons who never try to learn knowledge face problems all time and some times they are not able to solve them, specially when they become old. All improvement  we see in the world such as economy, agriculture, industry and technology is from education if the people of a country work as much as  honestly to earn and improve their education level they will have an improved country and improved people .

Education take us to freedom and we can solve the problems we face daily the people who are in the high grade of education can be good consultant .education causes, we know our self and open our eye to see fact to know why we were found.

And what we have to seek, education clears our heart so how we can ignore it? also government have obligation to help the poor people and paves the ground for them for example safe them from danger and Taliban attack because most of children live in the regional area they fear to go to school and bring changes in their life in side the government the wealthy people also have responsibility to invest in education department and we have to encourage them to step in this way to bring up the next generation.    

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