Effective Tips to hide your age

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Want to hide your Age? Want to be more younger like before? Want to get flarted by someone you want to? Them here is your answer I mean solution. I will Publish this in two part.

Here are Some tips for you:

1. Eat a good quality of honey three times a week at night and apply this on your face and wash it.

2. Try to eat vegetarian Food.

3. Avoid unhealthy foods.

4. Travel to your Preferred or recreational sites.

5. Do not deceive. Love guile will hurt you soon.

6. Spent more time with your Life Partner.

7. Spent more time with these people who are older than you

8. Always think Positive. Negative thoughts will Put bad impress on your face.

9. Leave the Chop lie in short. It will remove the authoritative expression of the face.

10. Practice standing with the spine straight.

11. If you get a chance then dance in free mood somtime.

12. Smile more in open mind.

13. Try to love the trees, sky, books in your deepest heart.

14. Stay always enthusiastic and cheerful.

15. Sleep at a time.

16. Of course, drink fresh water, it   a routine Process .

17. Never figure out. If you get figure then it will make you look like older.

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