Effects of Media on our Youth

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Child needs attention and positive attitude when he is growing. Whichever we teach them they learn and do the same. Children are good learners. If we show wrong attitude in front of them then they also learn wrong attitude. That’s why it is saying that always teach good thing to child.


Now a day’s TV Radio and Internet is very common. Many programme are running on it. It has positive effect although it also has negative effects. Child learns many things from media. Like problems of life and their solutions. Information of science commerce and many more. News on TV and internet let to know about the world affairs.


Media also provide entertainment by watching movies dramas listening songs etc. in leisure time it is the way of spending time. On the other hand wrong information on media and unreal things print negative impressions on media. Today youth go on wrong side because of watching wrong things on media. It is the responsibility of parents to have look on their child activities.


Parents should make sure that they are not watching the wrong things and gaining the wrong information from it. They should brought up their child in the way that the child have their own sense of wrong and bad things in their life.


Media should provide right things. This cannot exploit the chlids mind and thinking.

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