Egg Allergies

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As I notice while I drift through the Internet longer, people have all kinds of different allergies. The most common of course is seasonal allergies, where you are sensitive to blossoms, hay, pollen, and even pollution. Another common allergy would be Nut allergies, a lot of people are allergic to tree nuts, almonds, peanuts, cashews, and with that allergy most have to carry their medications with them.

I myself suffer from an egg allergy. Most people have not heard of this allergy and have many questions of it. The first question is, well what can you eat?  I have never been tested for my allergy, but I know my limits. I am not sure if I am allergy to the yolks or egg whites, I have no clue. I also have the situation where I can eat cakes or pastries with eggs without showing any signs of an allergy reaction except for slight irritation in my throat. If I am to make anything, I have to make bake with just one egg and one banana, (Bananas make a wonderful alternative), and that works pretty well for me.

I know other people who are very, very sensitive to what they are allergic to and cannot have anything consisting their allergy within it. That must be painful to deal with and very scary. I think I got let off very easy with my allergy.


Do you deal with a food allergy or any other type of allergy?  

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