Egyptian woman disguised as a man 43 years his home was sponsored

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Cairo in Egypt for 43 years after the death suhrky woman disguised as a man to support her daughter with a unique set them on the Egyptian government to honor the 'ideal mother calling them years tirelessly to 'sponsor' A 'is being awarded.

According to Al Arabiya lead Abu dawh husband died shortly after the wedding, when his daughter was born, they had no livelihood, to feed herself and her daughter had to get out of the house lead But they soon found out that the place of women in society and the situation only by disguising themselves as men so they are forced to earn a living for his daughter. The brick kiln several years worked as a laborer and a shoeshine.

Tusysa daughter was young, his hands were sitting at home thinking that yellow krdyyyaur labor day now, but he did know that his ordeal is not over yet, daughter that her husband had some time The disease is not worth making, which had to get into the lead once again because of his only daughter and son-sponsored burden of responsibility but also his grandsons had online.

Abu dawh that lead them to beg on the streets, laborers and they were like polishing shoes for my daughter and her children to earning a living, why the evil eyes of the men and traditions save a man from falling victim to imposters and men decided to work alongside men were dressed. High character and courage to lead the government of Egypt 'ideal mother' calling 'sufficient' A 'of the award is announced.

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