Eid aladha

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Arcos the world people besides their daily lives they have same national and international ceremony in which people enjoy their lives and they are hoppy in these special days. Deferent people best on their culture school of thought religion and region where they live celebrate these kinds of days differently same call these days like Kris miss celebration of New Year and so on, Islamic world also has two Islamic international ceremonies which we call it Eidulfiter and Eiduladha and happily they pass these days.


Muslims believe that the two Eids are special gifts of Allah upon Muslims, but other ceremony and formal and informal days are mad by human. Eiduladha is the most important Eid. in this Eid people after having breakfast they go to mosque together and offer the congregational prayer of Eid after that they come home and they slater the animal prepared to sacrifice this animal can be a sheep for one person or a goat also for one person, and can be a caw or a Kamal for seven persons.            


Sacrificing of these animals is (wajib) near to obligatory; for those who perform Islamic ceremony in hajj, but for those who are not in hajj; it is tradition of prophet Ibrahim. When they slater the animal they divide the meat into three portion one for their own family one portion for poor people and the last portion for guests who are coming in these days.

One thing to remember that in Eid days all of the Muslims should be happy our beloved prophet Mohammad also recommended that every Muslim should try to be happy and also he or she should forgive those who has dispute with because Eid is only and only for happiness and happiness is in unity celebration of Eid in hole Islamic world and offering the congregational prayer of Eid together show unity among the Muslim ummah at the end we can say that Eid is for happiness and happiness is in the unity.  

      author: ibrahim mahboob

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