Eid shopping

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Eid is a word which shall come upon the first recall hearing and language the word is happiness. And it should be why not if we talk after the fasting month, meet the Eid ul-Fitr, which celebrates this day as soon as this one is fasting, he can talk to and if we are including a lot of happiness in the offering.

But all of these things if we do not talk of women's and their preparation, then this is not some color. Why some women are already preparing for the feast, begins at the end of a busy work and home to one is difficult and the second is because of fatigue.

On women and especially girls are very happy Eid and if we talk to their preparation, they are each very why that day that they wish to achieve the best look of.

That's why they are very elegantly in the preparation of work clothes, because if this is not the case on the eve of the feast of Eid, as if only then. In addition, shoes. Jewellery and especially in the last days is essential for every girl henna in the form of a group are to perform this task and then take your.


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