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When is Eid?

It is a week far...

OMG!! No, I need Eid to be sooner. Did I forget to buy anything.

Don't worry, you have everything you need!

 This was my convention with my mom every single year. I have always been so excited for Eid since childhood. Eid was an opportunity to force my mom to buy anything I want, get money from my dad, play with my cousins , and eat sweet as much as I can. However, as I made my plan for my future, I did not think of small things. I looked at the bigger picture.

This  Eid is going to be my forth Eid far from my family. The first Eid, I cried whole night and went through my family pictures. I called my family and cried the whole time. My only words that I could think and say were  "I wish I was in Afghanistan, what my family/ friend doing right now, or even why am I in the United States?

I remember I was at school in second Eid. I took a day off and went to celebrate it with an Afghan family. It was so much fun, but I was still crying ,posting sad song, and wishing that I was in Afghanistan.

But, I am not excited about Eid anymore, neither I wish to be in Afghanistan nor I cry. I learned how to enjoy my time wherever I am . It was a hard lesson to learn, but I am very lucky to learn sooner than later.

Eid is the day after tomorrow in the United States. I did not buy new clothes, did not do henna and I am neither worrying  about it. Every day is Eid to me because I get to enjoy at least one thing I do during the day. My Eid is when I get a good grade at school, see my new afghan friends in the US talking about their achievement, and knowing that my family is safe.

Happy Eid to my all Muslim friends!!! :)  


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I am Zahra Arabzada, from Kunduz, Afghanistan. I am a junior at St.George's in Newport, RI. I love to write and do volunteer work.

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