Elections and women

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Women have significant role in different social and political parts. Afghan women can join the elections and vote for their candidates now. It is their regular right and should use their right.

Per the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, all Afghans 18 years of age both men and women who are living in the country can vote in elections. In addition, women make a half of population in Afghanistan in this case the can increase the percentage of voting.

This increasing of voting indicates that Afghan women will close the doors of dark rooms and come out for the bright.

They have the right to participate in the elections; in the past guns and violence picked their leaders, now they can choose them through voting.

Today the women should get information about voter registration and the elections. They are proud Afghans and want to exercise their right to vote.

The Afghan National Security Forces promised that they will not let anyone be deprived to women rights. Local and provincial governments will support women in the political process, and will help pave the way for them to use their vote in a safe environment.

The women make sure that they and their eligible family members all registered to vote. They have to participate in democracy and be part of it.

By Mohammad Elias Hatimi

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Kabul University

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