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Preparations for azadi march are on peak point.Top leadership is quite active nowadays.Alliance with Dr.Tahir ul Qadri's PAT have already been made on the murder of Imran Khan's so called politics of principles.So the news is "azadi march and the Canadian revolution will be on the same stage against the democratically elected govt which has the mandate of billions of people".
Imran khan wants resignation of Prime minister and dissolution of Election Commission of Pakistan and then early elections.While TUQ wants revolution in Pakistan which according to him is impossible with ballet.This is the basic difference of ideology between PAT and PTI.Leaving PAT aside,PTI is a reality and can't be ignored.PTI is able to gather a huge crowd to pressurize the Govt.
But there are many questions which arises in everyone's mind.If the elections were fake why PTI accepted elections and after 14 months they are demanding resignations?They should have rejected the elections results and shouldn't have accepted the KPK Govt.
If Supreme Court,election commission and RO's were biased why PTI got majority in Kpk,was their jurisdiction of bias ness was limited to Punjab and Sindh?
Why Imran Khan Talks about rigging just in Punjab,were the elections in Sindh and Kpk were fair?Why he doesn't talk about Karachi where everyone reports elections were never ever held?
And if Imran Khan wants electoral reforms ,it will only be possible through a procedure which has to be started from the parliament ,but if he wants early elections call from the PM and if PM calls early elections those elections will also be under the same system,then who will guarantee and who will accept that the elections are free and fair?
These questions are creating doubts in everyone's mind if this is the movement for electoral reforms or to get into power?


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