Electrical Insulator

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Electrical Insulator in the used of in electrical system to Do not Flow of the un wanted Currentto the earth points the insulators a role play as a vital electrical system Electrical Insulators are the high resistive in which the partically  no current flow of the insulators

Properties of insulators:-

Materials generally in which used of insulating used for the purpose is called insulating material  for the success to the utilization of the no current flow of the insulator

1-     The insulators are carry of the weight of conductor and carry tension

2-     Insulator can make the high stergth of dia electrical used in high voltage current

3-     Insulators are can make the un wanted current due to in the insulators

4-     Do not make the porous of the insulators

Different Types Of the Insulators

1-     Porcelian Insulators

2-     Glass Insulators

3-     Polymer Insulators

Porcelian Insulators

Present Days The porcelain Insulators Are used to head of the pole and tower Porcelain Made are silicon with the mixed of feldspar weather do not effect of the porcelain insulators and rain fall and water dose not bhi traced in the porcelain insulators porcelain are the free form the dia electric


In which they are of porcelain insulators are the tensile strength

Glass Insulator

Now Days they glass are the most famous of the insulators to used in the do not flow of un wanted current Glass Insulator are 90% better to the porcelain insulators

1-     Its restivty is very high

2-     High tensil compared to the porcelain

3-     Glass  Cheaper then the porcelain insulator

Polymer Insulators

Poly mer insulators are two parts one is the fiber and second is the weather sheds weather sheds are used to protect the weather like as rain fall and other weather

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