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Today I made a topic about electricity, as we know electricity has a lot of value in our live even we cannot live without electricity.Inaddetional it help us to make a easily life and make a modern life.

Also electricity has different usage for example: stove, computer, Laundromat, TV, phone, refrigerator and ect.Nowdays electricity has the best role in our live all of our work done with electricity. This electricity bring a facility and comfortable live for all people. If we don’t have electricity we cannot those things that mention we cannot light our home and we are not comfortable.

We have three or four kinds of electricity such as: windy electricity, sunny electricity, water electricity and oil electricity. In fact the water electricity is so famous or popular in all around the world. That have a lot of benefit and it can give so easily and fast.

The cost of Water electricity is in lees position. Because of this most of countries try to improve water electricity.at all the Adison creator of electricity change the life way of all people in the world. If the electricity did not create we must be life like elementary people in a dark life.

At the end thanked Allah from this ……………



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