Elizabeth Ploshay of Bitcoin Foundation on Digital Currency and Women in Bitcoin

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"Women control the majority of household finances and simply need to learn about Bitcoin!"

Elizabeth Ploshay is a board member of the Bitcoin Foundation. She talks about the importance of Bitcoin as a Digital Currency and the involvement of women in this topic.

WA: Can you briefly tell us about yourself and your background?

EP: Prior to getting involved in Bitcoin, I studied political science in college and graduated from Wheaton College (IL, USA) with a degree in political science. Following college, I moved to Washington, DC to work in politics and then prior to getting involved in Bitcoin worked for Congressman Peter J. Roskam (IL-06) who serves as the Chief Deputy Majority Whip of the US House of  Representatives. Throughout my time in the Congressman’s office, I served as Scheduler, Legislative Correspondent and the Middle Eastern Policy Assistant. I additionally assisted on several local, state, and national political campaigns.

I am fortunate that I learned about Bitcoin and now am able to be involved in the Bitcoin space full time.

WA:  How did you get involved in the board of directors of the Bitcoin Foundation?

EP: I first learned about the Bitcoin Foundation prior to the Bitcoin 2013 Conference in San Jose California. I joined the Foundation last summer and was the nominated to run for the open individual seat on the board. I accepted the nomination and it was a privilege to run alongside candidates from around the world. We had excellent dialogue about how to meet the needs of Foundation membership and additionally the needs of the Bitcoin community.


My campaign slogan was “organized decentralization for the Bitcoin Foundation” and I also supported educational outreach, global financial inclusion and getting more women involved in the Bitcoin space. I was privilege to get elected to the Board and it has been such an honor since I assumed my position on the Board as I get to interact with members of the Bitcoin community from around the world.

WA:  As the Manager of Communications for Bitcoin Magazine, how do you see women's involvement in Bitcoin's conversations? In your opinion, how can we improve their presence?

EP: There is such a need for more women to get involved in Bitcoin. In many countries, women control the majority of household finances and simply need to learn about Bitcoin! I think that education and opportunities for more women to get involved
are essential. Women need to understand the basics of what Bitcoin is and how it can easily be used by anyone around the world with internet connection.

WA: How do you think Bitcoin can be a tool enabling women, especially in developing countries like Afghanistan, to be financially independent and start their own business?

EP: Bitcoin promotes global financial inclusion. Bitcoin is a tool to reach women around the world who have been prohibited from having financial access. Bitcoin opens up one’s business to global e-commerce. Also, a woman does not even need a bank account to have a bitcoin wallet.

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