Empowering African Women in Education and Technology

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Africa is one of the developing continent in which more than 49% of the overall population is female. Even though half of the African countries are women and girls,the social,economic,education and technological impacts they contribute is very low.In the past four decades,Africa has been under internal conflict,femine and drought so that women and girls have been the part of those horriable days.As the dark days of Africa passed,the bright light has started to be seen in most African nations which results revolution in empowering the living standards of women.Recent report shows that women contribution in the technological and educational area increases by about 50%.

Many African Universities have made affirmative action for women by accepting and encouraging urban and rural population.The enrollment rate for girls in primary and secondary schools grows geometrically.In the western and southern Africa,women have influenced the current technological platform in terms of tele networking,computer engineering,construction and civil engineering,Mechanical and health related technologies.Ethiopia,Kenya,Ghana,Cameroon and Uganda can be a role model for this particular issue.The cultural perspective of many African tribes didn't give a chance to girls for further participation of women in educational basis but only allows them to work indoors by nurturing the family and doing what the men have ordered.But now the society changes dramatically and the initial path is very nice so that mother Africa will have great women Engineers,scientists,Doctors,Lawyers and so on.


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I am Hailemichael yihun,25, from Ethiopia.I have studied primary and secondary education in Ethiopian schools.Then I have joined local university in Ethiopia studying Civil engineering and now I am a graduated civil Engineer.I am a prolific writer,student and blogger.

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