Empowering the Young Generation Through Art and Films

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Is studying film and animation the new trend of the decade? Or simply a need for the young generation to find a way to express itself? Independent filmmaker Lisa Stock recently mentioned in an interview that giving a voice to someone, especially a student, is very important. With films, they get to use their imagination, show the world what their life is, express their ideas, defend their opinions, and share their experience... with images and sounds. You might think that they don't need a movie, a song, nor a painting to share their views but how about the young ones who live in countries where freedom of speech and gender equality is not a reality? Art in general and films in particular can be an answer. Thanks to the Internet and rise of social media, they are not making those films only for themselves and their own freedom of expression, but for the world to know.

Expressing one's ideas and have the world listen can be enough to feel accomplished and empowered. But financial reward never hurts. And when well-known film festivals and big studios seem out of reach, the Internet and platforms like Film Annex are the solution. Film Annex empowers filmmakers, film students and the young generation all over the world through filmmaking and writing, by giving them a voice and monetizing their work. In developing countries where women can't work outside of home or where the average income is very minimal, financial independence is key. And what is more empowering than being recognized and rewarded for your creativity and engagement with the world? That's what the BuzzScore takes in consideration when you put your work on Film Annex. I encourage you reading more about it here.

See below an interview with Yasameen Mohammadi, a young Afghan artist studying in the US and an active blogger:

Learn more about empowering young students through education and filmmaking with the Women's Annex Foundation.

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