End of year thoughts... questions for you!

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So 2013 is slowly drawing to a close, this year has been really long, maybe because of the crazy weather all year :D


Theres been a lot going on with my own things and im usually left with a few thoughts at the end of the year, specifically ones about where to go next with my film making!


Over this year i have re ignited my interest in found material, archived footage, old dusty cine reels and so on.. . Why is it that they fascinate me so much? i wanted to ask you the dear great people of film annex what you think about this topic? do you have any old home/family movies in the attic? or under the bed in dusty boxes? how does it make you feel watching them? or if you dont have them do you wish you did?  the other big question im interested in asking is this - do you ever consider that the videos you make now will live beyond you? and how this makes you feel :)


anyway.. if anyone reads these i would love to start a dialogue


best wishes for now!



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