Endangered plants in Indonesia

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Corpse flower (Amphophallus Becc titanum)


This is the largest flower in the world, through the flowers, smell the odor like the smell of carrion. This plant is a endemic to Sumatra island.


Raflesia flower (Refflesia amoldi)


The flower petals are a very large size and release odors such as the smell of carrion. Flower buds which have medicinal properties resulted in the passage of this flower is often looted. This plant is native habitat on the island of Sumatra especially in Bengkulu, Jambi, and south Sumatra.


Gaharu Wood (Aquilaria sp)


This wood has a distinctive fragrance that is also high value. This plant habitat is in the  forests of Borneo islands.


Red Meranti (Shoera sp)


This is a woody plant but lightweight and requires a very long time to grow. Red Meranti plants can absorb elemental carbon in the forest so stout plant used as industrial commodities.


Fragrant sandalwood (Satalum album)


This plant is used as fragrances and spices (incense or aromatherapy). High value causes the plant continues to be hunted and became endangered, sandalwood is found in East Nusa Tenggara.


Nepenthes (Nepnthes L.)


A unique plant that has pockets, this plant is very rare because it only grows in areas containing little nitrogen. Pitcher plants found in the forest at Tangkuban Perahu, West Java.

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