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Communication is very much essential in human’s life. People use different ways to show their emotions such as; gestures, body movements and the most common is through conversations. When we do conversation, we use words and through the words we communicate effectively. So in this case, language seems to be that crucial.

Facts about Languages

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We have approximately more than 6,500 spoken languages in the world. Since we are born in different places with different cultures and traditions, we also adopt the languages of one’s place. I will use Philippines as an example.

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Video uploaded by Jeremy Smith

The video above shows the different ways of saying good morning using Philippines dialects. Philippines is made up of 7, 107 islands with approximately 120 languages. But, Filipino is the official language of education here. So when you want to go to the other place exclusive to this country, you do not have problem if you know tagalog.


In this blog, I want you to understand why bitlanders implemented the new blog that Micky’s published.

My OWN Contextual Experience through different languages.

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I want to share you my experience about having a different language. I was born in manila, I used to talk using Tagalog as my language, but the time came that my family decided to live in Bicol. Without anything knows about this province, my parents transfer me to one of the schools here.

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At first, I thought I can’t get any trouble since I know how to socialize with people but I was wrong. As my teacher asked me to introduce myself, I use tagalog of course, but one of my classmates made a follow-up question then, he asked me if I know Bicol? Then I said no, I’m just new here. So they murmur, they laugh and say something that I really can’t understand. I felt bullied at that time, I’m so embarrassed. Thanks to my teacher because she helps me to deal with them.I also remember that some instances that too awkward to say. You know guys what is a tablet?

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On my first day in my school, my teacher asked us to do seat work, then he said, “iluwas na an saindong tablet at gibuhon nindo ini.” Oh! Holly cow! (In Filipino, the tablet is somewhat a medicine capsule, now tablet for new generation is a gadget, but in Bikolanos, tablet is a piece of paper. LoL) So I just look to my classmates and only to find out that my teacher is pertaining to a piece of paper. Awkward. There are lots of awkward situations I encountered in this place. And until now, I can’t even understand some words by native Bicolanos.

micky-the-slanted-salerno blog's about The Public Chat becomes English-only

So much for my experiences, here in the same situation, as Micky did the blog that implements the use of English as the only language in the global chat. By any chance again that you didn't read it yet, here it was.

The Public Chat becomes English-only

Following the previous news about banning users from the platform for spamming with buzz/sub requests, we are now making the Public Chat an English-speaking only zone.
Users who will use another language on the Public Chat will be muted for a specific amount of time. This will allow us to monitor the Public Chat more efficiently and encourage conversations.
If you wish to converse in another language, you can use the private chat.

Help us keep bitLanders a spam-free platform!

- Micky

The Impact

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Things flashback again to my mind when the impact of this blog was implemented in global chat. I can say that I’m not that good in English and my comprehension towards this language is just enough so I can still socialize, but since not everyone is capable to use that, the user’s freedom to express them self become limited. I don’t judge, but I have really noticed that ever since that blog was made, the number of users being active decrease. Those who interact there before while using their language don’t interact again and I know that is because of that blog. For instance, before, many Filipinos are very much active on global chat; they talk silly things and bushing each other just to have fun, but now? I can see only a few. I know they can understand, but they feel shy to make wrong grammar so they didn’t interact then. It really feels different now.

The good things about the blog

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Through the new rule on global chat, we can understand each others now. No more of that feeling that feels awkward. And we can go with the flow of conversation of other users, anytime. And for instance, for me, it helps me more and encourages me to improve my English. Through that my attitude towards communication using my second language, English, becomes good and feel so much more confident now to interact. Thanks to that blog that implemented the new rule on global chat.

Note: aside from the blog of micky-the-slanted-salerno, the content of this blog is my original work, PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE.

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