environmental pollution .. hurt land and its agricultural products!

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We continue in this issue is touched upon in the previous issue about pesticides, which are substances or mixtures of substances used to prevent or extermination or expulsion of any pest or insect or weed harmless may become a threat to human life and communities, livestock, birds and aquatic animals and the wild because they are made of the killing and destruction of any organism and in spite of that the Organization of protection for the environment American since 1970 any forty years ago and is working to clean up the populated areas and work on the health of the environment is a global action to preserve the planet and the task required for the global community so many of the international organizations and approved and agreed to maintain food safety health and safety of the community and the protection of the global environment as a result of the approval of the world to preserve the environment, most countries of the world have agreed to outlaw the use of pesticides or serious reduction.

Classification of pesticides according to their objectives.

Pesticides algae

And used to control algae. Microbicides are used to control germs and bacteria. Fungicide used to control the fungus. Herbicides to control grasses and weeds.

Insecticides: used to exterminate insects, including: eggs pesticide to kill insect eggs. Larvicide to kill the larvae. Insecticide to kill large large insects.

Movement and reduced pesticide

Escaping, leaching, reduced pesticides (microbial, physical, chemical), and volatilization.

Organic phosphorus pesticides

Pesticides, which include: malathion, parathion, diazinon, Ventyon, savings, Klorberevs, Atheon.

Nerve gases, which include: Soman, Sarin, Tabun, Fax.

Organic results of poisoning from exposure to organic pesticide poison which causes inhibition of the enzyme acetylcholine, leading to the accumulation of acetylcholine in the body (cholinergic poisoning). Organophosphates that prevent inhibition activity أستيلكولينستراز.أستيلكولينستراز critical to the functions of the nerves, so the blockage of this enzyme causes the accumulation of acetylcholine, leading to overgrowth of muscle. This causes disruption across cholinergic synapses. Acetylcholine also known as acetylcholinesterase, an enzyme degrades hydrolyst activity of the enzyme, choline neurotransmitter acetylcholine product's acetate group. Where its activity serves to terminate synaptic

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