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Experience Life with Escape and Travel

  Escape and Travel, promises that making travel plans should be easy and exciting. Based in Cebu City, Philippines, known as the Queen city of the South. We specialize in providing each customer with a wide array of travel packages and services. Whether you’re looking for a cruise, beach break, or theme park excursion. We can help you put together a vacation you’ll never forget. We’re committed to service and excellence. And we’ll take care of all the things that you need so you can start relaxing long before your next trip.

Who We Are and What We Do

  Ever since, I know that there are things where I am good at and where I really had difficulty most of the time... I've been traveling for the last 15 years to different places whenever there's an opportunity for me to do so. During those travels, I made friends and met new people along the way. And the best part of it is to know the place and it's society better.
By then, I wonder how many people would love to travel to different places. But just didn't have the confidence to do so. Mostly I noticed that it's because they don't have time to make plans and arrange for all the things needed to make that travel possible. I realized not all people probably had the same determination that I have when it comes to travels. So I came up with the idea why not help these people make their travel escape possible. So now, i finally found a way to do so. Escape and Travel is now serving all your travel needs. Name your destination and we'll take care of your escape vacation.

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