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If you are missing out on the new craze all the cryptoids are talking about is the "Ethereum IPO" here is the breakdown Ratata!!

August 2014 Ether crowd sale begins

2,000 ETH/BTC

They receive 18 million ratata dollars!!

On Frontier release speculation of $10.00/ETH

Actual release $5.00/ETH

Dropping to $2.50/ETH


$.77/ETH OUCH!!

Ethereum is now worth 8.3 million

With about 486 btc left on their wallet

A recent leak claimed the devs know Ethereum will implode in 7 months




What do you think is next with the price?is Ethereum  vaporware or Skynet?

People who bought during the crowd sale shouldn't complain they made a nice return. If i where you id stick to my guns and buy as much of this cheap puppy as possible!! Http://


















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