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Dear Soldiers,

upcoming on this Friday, the 27th of November we have an amazing "Black Friday" promotion for you!

A lot of discounts are waiting for you!

Here are some examples:



Perfect Permanent Pack only: 34999 AP!

M6A2 SL 
Kar 98K
Magnum G Pro 



Reduced Perma Packs:



WX-1 Ultimate - 29999 AP
C-95 Wolf - 9999 AP
AB-3G - 19999 AP
PSZ-1 Wolf - 11999 AP
AAA GL - 34999 AP
Kar 98K Desert - 19999 AP

Hardcore Perma Packs
for only: 47999 AP

Adriana Tenorio HC DEF
Christopher Smith HC DEF
Pedro Gomes HC DEF
Marien Arnault HC DEF

All deals can be found on Friday in our webshop.
But be quick - there are only a limited number of packs!

We wish you lots of fun and a great week!

Your Wolf Team Support


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