Every day lose half kg weight

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1-  For losing half kilo weight every day , you have to have enough information about using of Calories. You should use between  700 to 1500 calories per day and burn between 2000 to 3000 calories by exercising .

 2-  you have to increase your meals, but each time eat a low calorie snack, thus the rate of  metabolic will increase in your body and your body will not encounter to dehydration. for losing half kg weight every day you must work very carefully with details.

You have to eat a small meal 6 time per day and each time the meal should be small and useful such as fruit, fish, chicken, egg and vegetables and you are not allow to drink soda and eat saturated fat. In addition do not use too much Carbohydrate, Mayonnaise, extra salt or sugar. Try to drink black coffee and do not forget the breakfast.

 3-  if you want to lose half kg weight per day so you should do between one to two hours isometric or muscle exercises after that you have to do Heartthrob activities at least for 2 hours like roping, treadmill or riding bicycle. You have to take in consideration that your exercise program should start with very light exercises and day by day try to do a little harder exercises, if you did not exercise before that, so it will be a little bit hard for you at the beginning.

 4-  If you decided to lose half kilo weight every day then you have to know that in early days you will lose much water from your body, therefore you must drink between 12 to 16 glass of water.

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