Every girl wants this.

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Her: Is it hard?

Him: What?

Her: Being in love with me?

Him: Definitely. It's hard dealing with your tantrums, you know. You never really know what you want. You change decisions all the time. It's hard convincing you everyday that you look just perfect with everything you wear. You are never contented with your hair. Sometimes, there were days that you hate seeing my face or my presence annoys you so I need to spends bucks for flowers and chocolates. I have to act mentally retarded on public to make you smile which is so hard because you know how I sucks on telling jokes. And you know? You are sooo rude to me. Addressing me names of animals and even poop. Beating me up. It's not really my lifetime dream to be a battered boyfriend. Can you imagine how it's driving me crazy when you need me everytime I'm doing something important. I have to ditch the whole thing just to be with you because you'll kill me if I did not show up. It's hard dealing with those shits everyday. You are always jealous of everything and anything. When you glare at me, it scares the whole shit out of me. You're too much to handle babe.

Her: Then why are you still here? Why are you staying with me?

Him: Because you make me a better man. Making you feel special makes me feel awesome. Having you here is like putting something that will guide me all through out. You keep me grounded. Because of you, I learned to deal with the world and the life itself. And I love you so much. Yes it's so fucking hard being in love with you, but I am not going anywhere unless I'm with you. This. Here. With you. Is where I wanted to be. And yours, is all I wanted to be.

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