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Everything you are is within, you are not without.... so think about it, if everything you ever need is within you you do not need to look outside of you. Perhaps for guidance and reassurance at times, but ultimately to know that you are complete, you are whole, right now, this moment, should fill you with such blissful joy that you begin to go on and create that which you desire....

You do not need to look outside of yourself for answers... everything you ever need is right within you right now... you may not believe it but then if you don't believe it then perhaps you need to realize how wonderful and divine you are to start with, build the love for the self, show yourself that you love yourself, honor you, love you and be kind to you.... for then everything else will follow.

The lower frequencies such as anger, jealousy, hatred, stem from how we feel within ourselves... when we are at home within ourselves there is no need to harbor such negativity... don't think too much just allow yourself to be... and when you allow yourself to be.... most other stuff, the peripheral junk will just fall off to the wayside....

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